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What I mean is to look at these things. The super giant planets we’ve seen again are the first glimpse of this teaser video but all of that together is what tells us that the new GT500 will not be just some GT or 350 GTs so it will be radically radical and highly muscular [601] I know it’s a little hard this may be in the spy video images teaser is very accurate now before we get going we re-visit our friend the bullet 2019 as quickly as we follow this thing and the torque of Ford, so far , However, in the car, crystal, crystal In diameter. 87 mm, taking the Ford car to a driving force to 480 hp and 420 lbs of torque to crank. Enough to raise the maximum speed to 163 miles per hour which is over free from the standard GT price point for this thing we will really start about 47,000 US dollars I like it twice to the black shadow which in the way you see right there before some business to see them in the last batch of Mustang News We did not believe it Congratulations You were the new pride of the exhaust system with good fear Now this dilemma is that we see that this is why the transition from the 19th century to the 16th of June in Maple Grove bayonet is always so much for you to be in Its time! Add-ons to a $ 100 gift card, all you have to do to get involved in entertaining comments and live in the West
I do not want to hear that kill a launcher launcher on its launcher and kill it with americanmuscle.com here with some absolutely awesome Mustang news to bring you guys on the weekend and of course the GT500 is 2020 it is finally attached to a good kind of right I mean Come of course this news comes to us from our friends at the quiet Mustang 6G and a wonderful forum by Mustang fans if you have not been thrilled to roam around there Check out it’s a great place especially if you own the S550 Now just yesterday these guys posted a series of photos from a spy photographer A cameraman of the automotive industry showed us the aura of the beloved Mustang You will continue but still wearing some camouflage for not giving everything away this is a device amazi ng rig htuto so far all the footage Algelsus they saw before in this car in Detroit. This year Shelby features both CGI’d glory and the car that comes in 2019 but with all that let’s talk a bit more about what we see here with these newly released espionage photos and compare them with what Ford has brought back to us in the teaser video and what you say start ahead This is the most important part of the car in 2012, before it starts to achieve it. 2015 through 17 headlights, and come out with the 2018 headlamps just like the GT 350 did now. Honestly this is not a big surprise as the teaser yu hinted absolutely at this in a new model of new but also maintained some great aerodynamic of the younger brother GT 500S And frankly the men’s jobs I think there are owners out there who would frankly prefer a look of 15 to 17 headlights over 18 and included myself but moving to a barbeque area and in front of the middle of the players you can not miss the huge Cobra logo and again the fne- And the bottom is similar to what we saw in the video teaser d But there is another remarkable feature that is opening here which seems to be dedicated to taking purposes which again is something similar to the GT 350 but the GT500 here on the other hand looks a bit bigger partly because it is not being mass these heat exchangers or coolers were rather large Through these small openings, which were used honestly for two different things but I guess at least one if not both is dedicated to help cool this 2.6 liter blower from the new TBS under the fully blown engine hood
By the way it seems to be on the foot of the rewards with this thing so the paddle is also quite worth noting is that the front track width and specifically the rear barrier area look significantly larger on the GT500 and with the 350 GT that was larger than the GT this may be possible for these vertical details next to the lamp consistent with the car CGI’d in the video of a Ford car to learn from the black between the front and the front fascia tends to make it clearer on that teaser is certainly possible for us only the cheapest latch what you see under this wing spoiler Vinyl tail on the other hand seems particularly aggressive in general with these small protrusions At the end, this type continued From the split to the side traitor and what he said Let’s move on to the side of the car As you can see with this approval that appears in the front carrying its way to the landmark but only for a small part and instantly really not the coolest though, we did not want to get a certificate on the subject? More aggressive to Laguna Sika style stressed this, however, I do not want to do it, but I do not want to do it, but I will do it. Just like some details or we’ve ended up, or we did not know that the new Shelby is getting a unique frame like the Nieto type for the Dodge Dodger and away from the Ford and Goodyear they came back to the Shelby 13 and 14 gt500 we saw with those that only boasts huge rotors and six make-up make-up The front with an equally impressive rotor and the dual-caliper setting in the rear and talking from the back to the moving to the back of the car which three big things jump in my face first and foremost the wing inspired by the phenomenal track we’ve seen in teaser video not here on the prototype Not a big problem for me, l That one is supposed to be finished. Video teaser, I’m curious I know we might think about this video both.

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