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Tuesday, September 18th, 2018 - chevrolet

Its from the Bam wheels of the Northeast wheels do not smile These are the Bam of Northeast Northeast calm events in 2018 Carl Chase Chevy Carlysley in Chevy or Chevy in Carlisle Your selection You also have a full set of GM but this is another story we here with Todd is part From the Camaro team in Chevy, we get it straight, we had to decide what to do with the Camaro team, so I’m the ideal marketing manager, yes, outside Detroit, yes, we’re here in Carlisle, here every year actually will remain an exhibition With Camaro this year we have a brand new 2019 Camaro that’s not even th This is what I mean I like this so show me some highlights, please be sure to do this This is the SS Convertible 419 We have basically changed all the brand new front-end finesse new Finesse all new wheels for this year’s new 10-speed automatic SS-up Respectively of the zl1 very paddle-shift automatic because you also get the control of the launch and the lime sign so a lot of good things come with this transmission now in the transfers that I should ask three pedals the best about 80% of our customers prefer one pedal I know certainly yes 6 Thank you for the 6 speeds on Jamie P cars Camaros fantastic and v8s get active actor games Yes yeah basically oh very cool yeah yeah yeah all new all new external [music] let’s take a look say very sensitive i like lateral side lines yes so new really gorgeous three-dimensional it’s kind of hard To see but these three dimensions are all really good LED yes dresses up to the rear end like we incorporated a third brake light which is very nice so this is SS we also re LT LT I do not have one here but it has a brand new front end as well as very good yeah let’s see interior All the truth that you know in reality, this is our internal skin Kalahari Beautiful we have a nice vent and everything we are hot and chilled seats right kind of red bar around yes light tubes this c can be chosen so you can change it to 15 different colors according to your moods so that you can see it changing to green at the bottom, so just jealous With me a little bit there people go to personalize your car a bit and then of course you will have to tell me that there is proper lighting there now tell me about your stack of center there yes, so i got a new all-new Chevy Entertainment 3 for this year so it integrates with your XM radio, everything you need It is all you need in your life you know An excellent 8 inch diagonal screen can not reshape the central cluster that is not right now so in between all the dialogs are all reusable so you can change all the information that shows you whether you want to see performance or want to know what radio station you want or want To see your navigation you can only use the controls in the steering wheel to dictate what information appears there so very well that I love to be kept too

It is a good record in front of you well is the correct performance of the car over the long ages or season Yes really Oh this is a very nice place to live Yes love now of course under the hood so this SS so it’s 6.2 lt1 v8 155 hp It’s great Yeah you know that We have four engines to choose from, whether the Camaro is a turbo 2 or 355 horsepower now, how much horsepower is put here 275 275 now 275 out of four cylinder okay yes once in days at 3:02 what 302 did put 295 Kent was not amazing yes Or think again like Gen 4 Z28 yes yes it was 275 yes yes yes i say this story i have a 67 block big camaro and i’m sure the two altrans Those who beat them in a quarter-mile to Taatdhuqan well, because they get on the ground is much better to exercise really run and torque 295 feet – lbs of fun rotation torque and these are light cars to some extent. But if that is not enough we are 355 horsepower v6 one hundred and five ty-five horsepower v8 or 650 horsepower superchar ged zl1 so yes i got the market coverage now the only thing i have ever seen before and which i should really introduce to the fans there shows me the flow of time I / O Scum Oh I Love Yes Yes Yes This is so hollow that allows the air to flow and then float this thing we started once in the fifth year with Z28 brother where you really need a lot of airflow on Actually, you create less flow than we wanted, so It was an interesting idea to make room for it to be incorporated into the SS models for the 2019 and now it is nice to say some people N this make the Ford F1 A wonderful absorber that will be very wonderful when they are 19 and they will be very good and we will see this wonderful wonderful only i have other engineers here too from camaro team make sure that courtney is a micrograph engineering manager managed to run the show back in Detroit thanks we appreciate eating so much Now what I love is that we get more today, and finally more women came out of the wood and participated in the wonderful cars. Thank you, Barbara. It’s really wonderful that older generations are so rare that you see an old person, so it’s great that education and good knowledge are successful in the workplace today. This is how you should be if you really want to be ahead, the big place you know, you get more than 60 old lady wearing cross heads, make your team know 1G yes n M in the afternoon interview so we’ll see what happens Yeah I love the phone great. Carlyle Center and I did the interviews so it’s very good – let me gallon this is the Bam for Northeast Che wheel 2018 Chevy Chevy events at Carlisle or Chevy Chevy or whatever you want all GM has got a weird and weird T thank you I’m sorry your name again Courtney thanks You wish and Courtenay my memory what I can tell you about the car I can not even tell you about your hands or sugar Of fun fun Thanks then we’ll go around Yeah let me in the way that will sign out her husband from the Northeast Wheels events that come for more great events like this Make sure you check the wheel wheels Northeast Calm wheels Calm quiet Calm in the UK Calm while I was there Make sure you post and share your events and will see you all in the program

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