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Aaron X A piece of Scotty I’ve heard about the work that brings the whole new jacket back and what do you think about Ford bringing it back to Bronco Okay Everyone knows that SUVs or SUVs are so common you know that a real thing from the original SUV is the Bronco even though it’s not called a 4WD , But it was closed at the time, and it can go on all the steering wheel Originally the SUV was pulled from the sports car on the road and this is what S represents now. They are the most children to football games and things, and even Porsche makes the SUV now think They make Lamborghini supposed but Blazer will not have been impressed by this atmosphere Now Bronco that may be decent Ford has always made good trucks can be the other one you know they’re going to – you like your name you all know Bronco thinks what they think geez simpson driving the car away in brunko 30 miles down the highway with the state forces chasing him so he got A very important name makes a good side look for the truck at the time before I look at anything at Michael Meegan Michael Scottie says what are your thoughts about the trend of GDI engines in terms of long-term reliability thanks to a lot of good direct gasoline engines where they spring gas directly in The engine is in block rather than sent on Z intake and then cleaning the house has the advantage that it is more horsepower more efficient so you get the best gas Meg but the pressure is much more than the original has a big problem that the pull valves reach carbon because it is the fuel that clean the pull valves, when you go straight, The fuel touches the intake valves, so your PCV valve and all the anti-pollution equipment that the oil droplets will easily fill those newer diesel at least have two good systems

Now they have a GDI system on the engine block but they also have conventional fuel injectors so each time they run those cleaner smells that prevents them from clogging up so if you buy a new car and it’s GDI make sure it is a dual system because if you do not buy it, You want to have both systems inside it so it cleans it and uses GDI to get a good amount of gas mileage if you got one and only has my advice is i will not buy it or would like to put an oil can on Alex Rusco say Scotty got O for Volvo v70 Titanium Edition With three hundred thousand miles no major issues and one of five money K i want to keep it on the road what i can do to make it less well fine you got a limited version and they spend more time building them they’re more solid cuz most of my customers are bull wolves oh they’re not happy as their age falls apart you got a good one So just keep changing the oil and filter regularly Change the coolant once every four months E automatic transfer service Every thirty and forty thousand miles take care of it to make it another cuz Believe me I do not think it will ever work anything long again This is what it was 15 For years now it can always be a problem company The most recent thing about the subject and they sold it and it is a bit of a certainty about how long the company will actually keep what they are going to do is the large truck section you know here in Houston, all our garbage trucks are Volvo garbage trucks and a lot of 18 wheels are Volvo engines that manufacture real big trucks where the real profit is X Goku say about buying one with 100,000 miles. Cars design that is one Ford has a range of things going with Volvo and they ride well why Volvo shares took a suspension but they use the Ford engine so they have the best kind of every company in them can be very good cars now 100 thousand miles are 100,000 Miles do not pay much for a car that has a hundred thousand miles leading you to think if you use this noggin so do not pay much for it but still can last some time those were good cars I’ve had clients with whom I’ve been very happy with them. Sultan bla chuan Scottie says my engine leaks from the side how to fix it well depends on whether leaking and if you know lp watch my video find and identify the car that put dye UV leakage in the system you can my baby for about $ 30 online then You drove the car for five minutes then you get these cool funky yellow sunglasses and a little UV light and you see exactly where it’s coming from now in your case if the engine oil you want to pray this is just a dip LED cover, then you’ll see when the lid Cover and you will notice that the dye Green تخرج go out from top to bottom and want to pray that it is not leak head gasket cuz if it is in the middle where the head screws to the block and the oil leaks from there you have put to put the head gasket in and this is a very expensive task really really anyone but a mechanic should not Try this work for it is very expensive, which is very complicated to do so pray is just a valve valve cover sorry so if you do not want to miss any one else of my new car repair remember that the bell pump

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