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Friday, September 14th, 2018 - Toyota
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The Mirror Channel Auto Show I can even come if you are looking for proof that Americans have given up their sedans for transitions just looking at Toyota rav4 over the past two years this sales have doubled Camry and Corolla have overtaken Toyota to become the best selling model with a company selling more than 400 , 000 for 2017, so the all-new version is very important for me at the New York International Motor Show 2018, this is the brand new sixth generation Toyota Rav4 Let’s look first look at the all-new rav4 design you can see that it differs radically from the generation model The previous V starts from the interface It is sporty language design all new to the type of rav4 than going in the subject with the rest In fact, Toyota products remember me with a lot of Toyota Tacoma with these nets, these headlamps are very elegant LED lights will become standard or will become stained with xle edges and above you will get lights Day and LED light are available on the upper edges and this particular type which I offer is limited pruning which is the highest level you can get in terms of luxury in technology and I really think it looks fantastic in this you know the bright red color is sure it makes RAV look much more More aggressive premium Under the hood of the new RAV engine – all new engines will run 2.5 liters of 4-cylinder dynamic cycle as the engine base so I did not have any figures yet but they claim there is a 15% improvement in horsepower, the hybrid will also be available, Where Toyota showed the all-new Hybrid X that Toyota says will be the most powerful and most effective offer in the rav4 family Now that you look at the wheels of this particular type, you can see the limited type that contains 19-inch chrome wheels, ranging in size between 17 And 19 inches. The car certainly has a more masculine h or look at it Toyota has added some cladding here on the fenders, the overall total of the wheelbase is about 1.5 inches taller although Toyota actually managed to shorten the car by about 22 inches not too much, About half a inch is riding or giving you more ground to show that the rav4 is far more off-road than you know on the rugged off road. Remember that this vehicle takes a lot of design signals from the FC ft concept shown in Los Angeles last year Now if you want to look at The rear of the car is certainly very interesting, and this is the first time I see it in person I have a lot of design signals from Volkswagen with a new Tiguan car and maybe even some Mitsubishi Outlander in the back that you know silver satin for the bar passing through the taillights It’s definitely very unique and I actually think it looks a lot better in person than the actual pictures indicating that I also like E-E double exhaust and added Toyotas on this new generation certainly makes this more attractive and much more athletic and now seems the cargo area of ‚Äč‚Äčthis C Of course you will get a power cord on this model that Toyota did not actually have any numbers for us yet, but you can see here it is hugely huge that the only thing that makes the coils so attractive is that even the old was like 74 cubic feet of Space I did not

In fact I think this one goes further but I mean generally when this goes for sale I think it will be very good and will continue to be the top selling car Toyota so entry into the interior of each new rav4 This is the most important place in this car I mean many of you buy it Now, the RAV4 has always been known for its very comfortable interior cabin and has a great view that has not changed with this new generation. The seats are definitely more supportive they have a bit more to promote and I really like the materials they use for the leather It’s still an adjustable 10-seat power seat with 2 people’s memory but Toyota has added availability and air-conditioned seats on this limited pruning which is definitely nice You can also get a hole A huge panoramic roof and this is something that TOI has not provided on the RAV now a few new technology features have also clearly added to Toyota’s safety. Version 2.0 comes from the standard operating system just as in the Corolla slot where it contains the active Lane tree path where it has a tuning system Adaptive speed with velocity Full sheep, and then there are all the new trends in the design of the control panel that deals with the theme of everything else basically on their tablet screens like the screens it got Entune 3.0 is standard with a 7 inch or 8 inch touch screen Apple has now apple sorry Android users know Robot cars I do not care too much because I use Apple as it has Amazon Alexa very information system and entertainment here looks good at home itself, and certainly the quality has stepped up you have this suture is faux stitching with soft touch materials at the top of the panel on the door doors and all Something here feels good I am As i like new you know the touch points here and there are some new climate controls that feel like they are really nice when you run them i really like the controls here the hard buttons have heated seats and all the heating buttons here for the actual sound system and i think the interior design quality of toyota has I definitely see it in the RAB 360 camera too, I see it listed and this kind of feature that RAV was one of the first to get it actually I’m glad they actually seal it but let’s take a look at the back seat and see how the spaces in this new generation even The rear seat of the Raven was the biggest feature of my P for the previous generation so you would expect this to be good now first of all i have the seat pretty much along the way and the back itself seems to be a level of retreat like the old generation which is definitely nice now i notice that there is a beautiful armrest here the same seat i have They extended the buying pad here so they are a bit more comfortable The floor here is almost flat so you can actually put three people here and really u know the view here with the big panoramic panoramic sunroof also a nice and soft touch they carried through they got hot back seats Now that the old rav4 I had not p I have a lot of agents who will beg to send Toyota this car a little earlier but it is expected to start selling at the end of 2018. The end of 2018 2018 The raft of the hybrid model in early 2019 has not actually announced any pricing yet, but I expect the youngster to stay pretty much in terms of the current level of Red Line reviews.

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