2020 bmw x5 diesel spesification

Wednesday, September 26th, 2018 - Bmw
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so we thought it was time to go to the car and service it today I will give you a small offer as much as the actual price seems like everyone knows that owning a car BMW can expect important price tags not only to buy but for maintenance and maintenance until today after getting the car to the shop I will outline exactly what the bill seems You may know that little information or what you want to call it for those who are considering buying a BMW car at least know What ‘against when they buy a car Such as the kind of service costs you could expect and what we could look forward to getting paid in this case we change the oil and hope that they can not find anything else yet but so far we just asked for it to look like some separate rear view mirror The thing about the windshield, we most likely will look at it in the hope that it’s not a social part.

It’s a small piece of glue and they can slap it again but we’ll see how things go.

I will tell you that I will go to the store now, later on in this video we will summarize its shape for the logo, so how we found this is that you get it basically to get a signal to the police telling you a code or light service service and then you came here Notes on your navigation screen there means that you Press your center button, then what you will see is the Navi press sources again and you will see the service information and travel in this case go down to the service information Click the Prophet again and now you will see the status of the engine oil now you see that the engine oil is time to change so we are here We are filtering well so look at the invoice here We hope to help you assess what kind of cost it will take to keep these M cars.

The diesel engine will take a look at the oil service and less. Then you have the fuel filter service. Then turn it over. Look at the total of $ 500 and 22 cents. That’s what it costs to get that oil. Oil filter and change the fuel filter This time again Summarize the oil filter change The fuel and oil filter that comes in each key When service consultants connect the key to the system, it tells you where you are and what services you need at that time and in time periods, So I hope this information is sufficient for this yo M, so evaluate whether you want such a policy.

It is clear that there are maintenance costs associated with the X5 property so we hope to help.

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