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Wednesday, September 26th, 2018 - Bmw
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Welcome to the beautiful and sunny South Carolina where BMW has something very special to showcase the all-new BMW X5 today, and today we will get a preview of the car that will be announced in a few weeks We have a new design for the x5 with a monochrome network for the first time on a BMW The size is similar to what we saw on the x7 but for some reason if it is completely true in the new x5 version, it also contains a functional kinney grille so that the insides are opened to allow airflow to enter the engine, we also have optional laser lamps, however they can be provided for the car request we see Here today and is equipped with a M Sport, so it is typical of a package that contains a large amount of air in the front, giving the car a dynamic, dynamic appearance on the side and comes with a very large 22-inch wheel with the M Sport brake in the blue caliper.

You can also see the black chrome entries in the front bumper that gives the car a very sporty appearance Also . Back to the side, you’ll have the M Sport M logo with the ventilation hole we saw and some other BMW before the only thing that stands out in the new BMW X5 is the cover that gives the car a very bold and injured look.

The 22-inch BMW X5 says you can order a wide range of Wheels and tires from 18 “to 22” on the side that saw the usual BMW Zeigler on the Caracal line, which is typical in many BMW cars, where the line flows from the finishing touches to the front, and gives the appearance of the dynamic car of the side, The new front of the new x5 car has changed but also the rear as v Wen here. Graphics The backlight design is slimmer and wider. The car looks very wide, and the sporty rear lights are really carved for the FH along with a series of LED lights that feature the new features of the X5 available on the X5. The air suspension system, now available for the front and rear axle, is the first of the BMW X5 brand to be offered by BMW.

And x5 with four different engine options, two of which are six patrols of eight cylinders, as well as for diesel offerings. BMW says the diesel engine will eventually come to the US not only when the market launches, so expectations are sometimes in 2019 so the new BMW X5 is not only exciting from the outside. A lot of things have changed inside the car. You can see that the BMW X5 is the car I’ve all taken care of with the leadership dashboard, which is always fantastic in BMW, some of the changes I really appreciate today.

When talking in the center console, the new X5 looks more than ever in the central console you can see here. Beautiful crystal conversion machine which is the first in BMW and it is bitter H we will see it in other models as well as the iDrive handle has been changed somewhat certainly a lot of chrome a lot around it a lot of crystal so only fit cars figure quite a lot of these changes also occur in these The area, for example, has the advantage that you can lift your car with aerial suspension or lower it if you want to be more positioned in the sports we have seen in other BMW cars also present in the new X5 from Sport to Convenience to Pro frequency and adaptation if you approach Over the dashboard you will see a gauze JPY large are beautiful

With a 12.5-inch length and equipped with the new I Drive 7.0, BMW says this is the most elegant in season I by car and will make its way to other BMWs, and the ventilation area has changed so far.

You have as much chrome as you see in the new 5 Series and the new generation 7, and this is proof that BMW is trying to improve the appearance of its cars and make them more luxurious and luxurious, and this is something the customers have been asking for years now, and now here is another wonderful thing here you have typical coffee owners for the first time You can now choose to keep coffee cool, hot or any other beverage you want simply by using these two keys in the center will be perfect for the American market also available for the new car x5 is a panoramic roof In addition you can request Sky Lounge package comes with a panoramic roof and gives you about 15000 extra LED lamp to make your cab in the best case ever so this is the interior part of the new X5 as I’ve already said before than ever by a sure sporty touch so this is still a driving car you will enjoy being behind the wheel Driving as always in BMW In addition, you can enjoy all the new technologies that BMW has provided for you here, which BMW offers for the first time in a segment and the first time in the BMW X5.

This is the electric roller cover to see how it works so simply here you drive once you are waiting and waiting, this is where all the magic is flowing electric carbon roller inside and basically now you have unrestricted space to store a lot of things in this new x5 version now If you love to back down we just go back again come back it turns into the first stage now let’s assume you want to pull this cover a little further back and that’s it for the first time as you said this is an ed view in a slide and in the new e x5 this is The brand new BMW X5 will be available in T later this year will launch the market available Bmahrki diesel and two special patrol engines market and also a new design is very new and very bald very athletic very athletic full appearance of the new way you

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