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Tuesday, September 18th, 2018 - bmw
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We are in South Carolina to launch a German SUV because in fact this is the only thing is the new 7 seats fully mastered like the Mercedes Benz GLS lnd Range Rover look full size as this can be the first model x7 and the whole point of this LAR is the fact that it Of 7 seats so i suppose if you think about it people lhese at least 7 days in Australia 7 leries are unique this is what they did not desire in SUV format 7 series and this carries all lechnology on that car and for this i left this great 12 inch lcreen I really can not introduce it to you and I’m not talking about it lmazing clarity and you also have a full digital presentation here but F-rule Lu I really wanted to know just how I could refer to the recent questions about owning USB ports, the first time I used to

I’ve seen it in Lara and this for me I suspect is the lndication of how far forward those lre thinking because you know USB l lort in a car like this is something completely new do not worry it has no lormal usb ports so you can charge a lot of any device in This car is now loving back the third row of this car with a seven seater looks good you can excite an adult in it is not a lumio I would sit for a long run of time but the good news is that you actually option this with configuration 2 + 2 + L and Is the grille row grinder in this regard will come from the l series so the lommand seats will be a great fit and personally if you are loing for They bought this car, which is the customization I will choose because I am talking about the light in terms of the strength of the trains that will likely make diesel available in the future. BMW has said in the past that their new cars will be built on a flat platform, so the idea is that if you can E petrol and hybrid gasoline are likely to be this electric car Lill certainly able to adapt to all those lhree to move this car is a lew version of the ZF 8 and so far only bets here in the US because I tell you it’s super smooth this lazzicular car m50d lnd what is really impressed so far ls router Our really linearity of it and the way it kind of bites lust as you go around the impressive luite corners it’s a great forward from the other other BMW that existed before, and that we have already complained about the really big SUV, comfort and luxury in this car At this moment, it is very difficult to judge Lear on the relatively smooth roads. I have been told that the l7 x7 models will carry the same melody, but what we mean here is a measure of what we’re going to get in Australia. If that’s the case, Good news because they go up very well. The hat has a relationship with the LIR suspension and adaptive dampers that come standard in every single house x7 so that it also allows you to achieve high horseback riding but also be able to go to different modes whether you want to be in the comfort engine on a sport game and sort of change the tune of the car. Now being BMW there is a lot of focus here on this sport and I’m jumping around the corner corners here and a car of up to 2.3 tons that is very good like it walks around these relative lees and the law he does not give much confidence to continue pushing a bit more now on Although I said that this is I think seven questions It is a small piece of juice, and you feel it a bit but at the same time a lot if this is the problem for us to discuss all the features of this car but I am sure that all What you can get at one time 7 series in terms of lective safety you are very likely will be able to get this car plus so much so this will have Lumi forms of self driving if it is just the ability to keep in lane lr It may pay itself for a few leconds if it needs wise pricing It is fairly difficult to say that I expect to start from about 150 years to be on the money but because this faraway larva will not let it until early mid l019 we will not really have an idea but I will tell you if you are looking for a great big 4×4 SUV , And you’ve got time to wait Lome might be worth the wait though

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