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Friday, September 14th, 2018 - Cadillac
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Cadillac Escalade 2020 We have ysee models from Escalade Next we can say that the help car will get its design language from the Escala concept, the cargo carrier will not be as stylish as the sedan but many of those signals that are more elegant on the artistic and scientific design of the brand, You will find its own sports car as we saw in our show. We expect the Escalaretain chassis design, but the front end will carry LED lamps and ultra-thin fog lights on the sides of the chrome-plated vertical units, while the bumper vent will run the whole widle, The main will grow larger and will resemble the inclusion of a miniature chrome CT instead of the old thick slats that will continue to advance but the sports car will be sporty or the tprofile will become more stylish permanently Cadillac retain thelayout the sports car will gain more seat belt line as personal lines The third window will narrow as column C is not as thick as it was before the Escalade, it is difficult to know the Cadillacabrasch at the rear end but the new Escalade From the long glints to the horizontal units that I know to be facing the cochlear direction, especially with Escala, which is also a vertical sports vehicle, the Escalade is the type of car that should stand out so I do not see a two-piece rear light that extends to the itailgate bumpers The latter retains the design of the box but we may see a slbumper with fake slots and even an element like the diffuser in the Cadillac Binitor needs to make some serious changes to the Escanterior and not just because the cadillac redesign has been consecrated to the interior not being on PA with the same sports utvehicle at special prices one germans While the interior is nice if ok aq uality Six that good leather and fabrics are inferior to the many comparisons of the measured sharp comparators and less fit great and froominess is also a problem in the current model with a narrow three units and the narrow compartment in the overall

Shoulders so that cadillac is made of everything quality fit and touches on the thurthaCantara they will also use will not hurt to use more genuinetrim and even add carbon fiber as a wise design option sget a seriously changing cadillac needs to trench a multilayer layout test now as dated and does not do a leading model unicallutered stack center needs to go as well as information system and entertainment wmuch larger than likely to solve this problem, we will see the buttons above the new digital center console set of counters in the steering wheel with the updated controls are also on the cadillac path needs to be up to the top in terms of technology sfeatures The technology pack must be in leagood as the ct6 but can get Escalade upversion from the super cruise system The company’s semi-self-drive is powered by the natuaspirated 6.2-liter V8 engine that delivers 420 horsepower apound-feet of torque and some c-lim sources that the unit will Carrying overbig upgrades but there is also a word that a new sports car vehicle is one of the first Cadillac to get a turbo v8 turbocharged turbo concept. The iEscala latter will be a better choice as turbocharging improves fuel economy technology will also enable Cadillac to increase without sacrificing reliability in either Both cases. The next Escalabust expects at least 450 horsepower. There is a rumor that the sports car may get a supercharged version with a great increase in comprehension wherever the v-sport will continue to be a mystery. By writing a hybrid version that relies mainly on the CT 6s transmission system is also the iBooks. 10-speed automatic transmission Cadillac has recently introduced both four-wheel and rear-wheel drive models that arguably the most important change will be the independent in the airwave, the important improvements and the refinement of the overall and the Cadillac Drive will be the most luxurious sports car from a powerful pickup truck that will also ship a cargo floor Touch Fairway which will lead to more dedicated luggage space and improved currency in the third row seats in the conclusion that it is clear that serious upgrades escalade for survival

Related to the navigator and the arrival of BMW X7 s and imminent makes the thing more complicated Cadillac is already struggling in other sectors against
The Germans and the x7 may add another market to the list of problems they face. The good news is that the rumor mill offers hints that Cadillac is doing the right things when it comes to the fundamentals of trains, and even design does not need to say that it remains to be seen whether the new Escalade But Cadillac is the last chance to do things right

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