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Wednesday, September 26th, 2018 - chevrolet
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I personally want to thank you for hitting the play button today and I would like to talk about the ten reasons to buy a new medium sized Corvette in Chevrolet and I want to talk about all the reasons why I think you should have bought all these views the first reason is a I think this car will look very wonderful.

You will have a wonderful knowledge of the outside. You will have smooth lines.

You will definitely know that they prefer some medium engines, but GM will give it their own look, and then see if they do the same thing they did with the inside of the C7 will be the only wonderful thing # 2 I think for the first time ever there will be a lot of people who can buy The average car engine is clearly known that GM came out with Ferro in the 1980s and had an average engine and you know that anyone can buy a lot of it

But this car will be quite different. Of course, it’s a Corvette and I know that many people can buy a Corvette but they can not go out and buy a medium car engine and they will now be able to get this wonderful figure. I think this will not be a thing.

Surely I do not really think it would be a lighter car than the C7 and it would be amazing that there would be a very intelligent device that would handle better than any other Corvette in the history of the Corvette C7 already has the c8 address this will take, and this is really the number four is that it will deal with a very spectacular I think you will see exceptional times in All the tracks including the Nurburgring circuit and I think that will result in dropping a lot of cars that I suffered in the past I know they are able to keep up with it will take all of them down now the fifth reason I have a kind of go b to number 3 that is that II think that The curve method would be very low on this car compared to the C7.

The C7 was a kind of big leap for Vette and I do not know you know all the reasons for having some good ideas but anyway I think it will certainly lead to low weight, the sixth reason is that it will buy Historic because this will be the first Corvette car I think there will be a lot m The guys you know just because they want to make history well here guys are your chance to make history number seven and I think this car will be more fun to drive than any sports car I expect to go out on the screen to say you’ll get more fun in this car than Any other car you know in sports # 8 I also expect that the basic model will probably be between 50 to 75 Mo Reset the horse power Core model c7 Now what it means is that the fact is that I think you will see at least 505 horsepower in this basic model c8 and maybe about 532 544 This basic model, this is also an excellent 9 number of these I think we’ll get a dual clutch clutch 7-speed I’m not sure if they’re going to exit the ER6 Zo6 when it comes out in the double and manual clutches, but I think the basic model will only be displayed in a 7-speed clutch clutch and a 10-speed clutch if they make This car is different or different as they did c7 from c6 This car would be very nice because i have c5 a c6 and c7 and the difference between c5 and c6 was not that big difference but moving from c6 to c7 was a big difference i hope i mean i do not expect it to be Big but i hope there will be a very big difference from c7 to c8 because it will make me more exciting to jump in this car

leave me a comment below Let me know your opinion of my expectations here and let me know what If these reasons are convincing enough for you to get what I’m excited about it get out and get this new C8 when it comes downhill so please make sure you hit the impress button and make sure you press the button and a small sign next to the bell

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