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Tuesday, September 18th, 2018 - chevrolet
2020 Chevrolet 2500hdengines Ltz 2001 Near Me Single

Your guys 2020 will be officially the general truck heavy truck because the good Chevrolet has just dropped the official image of the next generation heavy truck 2020 and there is some information about this I’m gonna go the most important five things we learned from the press release and photo and also told us that RAM and Ford will also update the trucks for 2024 Heavy duty But before I show you the picture of this heavy truck let’s sum up what Chevrolet in January revealed the light Silvado fee for the year 2019 to 1500 so we know what it looks like and then the march, and then we have insured trucks Silverado medium sized 4555 one hundred and sixty-five a thousand A, and finally the tough service so far we have only one official photo Brief press release Let’s start with the number five Chevrolet, the press release said that the heavy truck for 2020 will be put up for sale in the third quarter of 2019 which means they unveiled this picture about 18 months ago will arrive on the truck to the agent that will be built in Flint Michigan and they also said that the prototypes will take place in public places now when the plant says that our models are now running and then look at the picture that we can see clouds mirrors seem to be one bar instead of a double bar to accommodate mirror and mirrors Installed on Z shape is less to be on the door which means they may be very similar to the light truck model 1520 19 that was unveiled in Detroit this year so this really

Interestingly around the diameter mirrors also have cool lights then on the new Z71 heavy truck chassis grille so of course this is not a big surprise to me you know Chevrolet focuses on off-road trucks even in their heavy models I’m just surprised they do not unveil the next boss add the barbecue lights well We do not see a lot of lights but the grille looks very similar to what the light 2019 Silverado needs. Chevy designers said that the lights will work very unique making the heavy truck stand out and we can see that the headlamps are actually bigger andrr why we are here. And T late Tuesday night make this video is because of you guys so we have some of the best Patriot supporters out there for example Chris Laney who sent the video to tell us why he supported us and also to view his truck now, let’s post this video now if you want to be part of a family TfL, just click on the link below and thank you rc make this video oh guys up my name is Chris and my back is my 2017 Colorado ZR2 may recognize us from when we took it and TfL t little puppy shelf 2.0 I’m TfL patreon because I love the appelles videos they’re the best Channel automatic reviews on the Internet provide a lot of work and went searching to buy this truck TfL was a big part of it and I know a lot of other car enthusiasts and truck lovers like me from there use T fl the same way I did that guys things continue to make awesome videos and I hope my patreon finally helps you probably interested in specs on the new truck well we can see I think this is a diesel because the current hood scoop is only on a diesel pixel truck with GM and Chevrolet says that the specs will be available in calendar year 2019 so we still have to wait for eight months so in the end Ram said that that There is a new generation for 2020, and finally there is some information about the 2024 Super Duty trucks that we know will update the truck and we do not know exactly how their rumors about the 7-liter V8 engine, And there is a lot of excitement here. If you see new models roaming the public places, please send us a photo of us guys on the road and you can send them to ask in the truck TfL comm and of course if there is more news we will publish TfL chong kham and remember that you watched Tha first on the expressway truck

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