2020 chevrolet tahoe spesification

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2020 Chevrolet Tahoe Unique Used Trucks Rock Rapids Ia

, Means it’s faster and wait for this special truck that looks better off You know we are in Texas now in Dallas on a hundred years of trucks Chevy Yes we have a car yes so I carry a jacket I’m an idiot I’m wearing a Yuri jacket so thanks Yuri looks good it’s not from Fashionable We’re gonna have a lot of fun today until we get into what RST position is Yuri Rally Sport Truck Rally Sport Truck We still do not know what sport rally means we know why the truck is running but it’s great because it looks good that has a BORLA exhaust which is an option that gives you strength From 7 to 10 horsepower Yes in the rear wheels you get 28% of the air stream out of it Or something from this dome to the statistics of large wheels large rims 22s large rims and so we have to stop the rambo wheels which are also optional only in 6 front piston and red and red so that they can race cars racing cars and they participate in mbine these two fastest letters S with T Because the truck will also accept that we get the network perimeter is the color of the truck and door handles that they also painted and get a shiny black grille and all impurities are blocked including the links Chevy. Obviously this truck is about 420 horsepower and 460 lb ft of Gyro torque, which is fast for a 6.2 liter truck 6.2 liter LS V8 You know that J love right V8s Everyone loves the V8 who do not stay We like the V8 alien driving We also have 10 speed transmission Same as the one from Camaro and ZL1 What is the last special in this truck The magnetic truck is ok It is not as bad as it is convenient for the big ass truck and at any time you push it on the bump it absorbs only yes yes adjusts a thousand times a second can feel it every thousand times There is comfort in this tile there is not only the Tahoe RST mode that they tuned specifically for this truck I picked up Tahoe I picked up T at the airport Yes you do not have an oper story about it In fact the navigator can not fit all the things we said you can cancel by yourself Ober then Tahoe came to solve the problem The suburbs may be so far in his class Tahoe forms 50% of all sales will know that From our presentation we have a wonderful presentation from the engineer who designed this truck Yes even for this category of the forty-ninth grade or six per cent of sales, this is really oh oh yes URIs now man straight pipe catalog I heard the basic law I repeated all right Yuri think It’s time for you to pay Well let’s do e A gentleman v8 magazine SUV time

You’re the first person in the world to see the all-new Silverado 2019, but it’s sparkling, it’s a good fit for the size that looks very good, it’s perfectly perfect for this truck well, and the exhaust tips are pretty black well it looks really good also everything in total darkness on this truck is not There are well chrome rims that have a kind of look like polished chrome steel on them. It’s true that they got rid of 95% of the net and I like the rims a lot but do you think they look better on the black color but in the general white color you like the look of this truck looks like a plump and full By the ferry and yes yes it is exactly badass it is Too much in Tahoe is like the legendary many of my friends in West Social Tahoe Guess you had so many wealthy friends how very expensive you guys want to be in our video Yeah you can say well this interior is very nice ok ok driving this is very nice Yeah i got heads up the show which is so gorgeous it’s obviously v8 but look at your set of scales, you’re in the off position cylinder v4 deactivation oh wow yeah i admire but if you ground it we have a brown leather set that looks nice really like brown like this The brown brown shade is really nice It’s very modern like this neat b Although there are a lot of leather but there are also a lot of plastic so if you look at it it really looks like a leather but it is just plastic with a stitch it yeah but that is plastic stuff that will never touch the truth until it is still fun, but it does not need a soft touch, Hilarious because they make it look like skins like they go to the maximum effort to make them look like leather and do not tell you they are probably provided by a few bucks but it’s ok yeah so many books so we got the wireless charging on the armrest yeah if you lift stuff armor you got a ton From the room we got the headphones so we could m Watching the movies in the back right right there is actually a screen here for you r the kids and our three rows are the back row of Jacob and I am surprisingly well well tuned appropriately for the amount of time we had to spend there I do not want to go on a long trip back Yeah but as a child I most likely the cold seat is actually cool cool we got cool and cool seats but you can choose whether you want your back and your back or just my ass i have not seen it before i will always try em pack i am trying to think how i want to use it always again but always The seats are comfortable although it is really comfortable to continue like a road trip Long distance on this I like to improve Do you have a hot continue to help Yeah We do and pedals move so you can fit shorter than short people and taller than tall people So for you and me you fit I pocket me really short Yeah do not that much of the talle r of I’m not six feet and a half That’s right I got out of here I gl We’ve already reached a consensus about what I was told Height length only many times Yes, but I did not really know what it was if 6 or 6/1 or 6 – I go with something then I just made up six more to one and a half and we go with it now we got a bunch of USB ports here and in the console and after So we got some wood trim which is really nice I wish there was more there is a sun here Yeah I suspect that even more take off this fake plastic skin Put some wood trim Then you get the fingerprints It is not a black gloss What is black piano trim New yes but there is no glossy black here and it is perfect on the outside i love it time mask oh three two one yeah all the way to a good chevy post back when the trunk opens its power clearly and two seats down powders well this is what you will say yes double fold down you can make them Full apartment pop-up in the second grade in vinegar class It is not the area of ​​the rich. I am exposed to the company. This is true, but it suits many of the funds. We probably have a GM genetics system that looks like an old look that looks surprisingly good, so I did not find anything worrying about its absence, and we love the use of Android car and apple carplay Yes, but I would say that the information and entertainment system He lifts up so that we can hide things there that’s true even if you fall p Li police you never know where you hid stuff Yeah police protect there button there is a police car here I think they know a pro hint that was joke guy Jacob talking about Tahoe police here some Tahoe police footage is this the best Tahoe Tahoe of all yes or about how classic This is still the right way

2020 Chevrolet Tahoe Unique Used Trucks Rock Rapids Ia

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