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Chevy Silverado 2500hdram Gmc Sierra Malibu Ford 2019

Good Chain Trucks We’re on our way to the trucks Series 3545 5500 5500 This is the big boy who will do the job at the end of the day when there are at work so you know the trucks although they seem to get kind of where it’s not about getting the job done right,

it looks This is all about well-being, and that’s good because I tell you even people. Even these guys and girls work there when they enter that truck at the end of the day or at the lunch break or even if they try to move things around the city, they want something nice to order and guess what The Americans deserve it For a nice thing to drive and put a lot of hard work every day even with that being said let’s take a look inside the 2500 series so thank you again for the 1.com cars to go to las vegas and get some internal spy shots as they say let’s take a look so you can see On the screen at the moment Get it Silverado HD Shevy 2010 for the first time Spy Well,

let me tell you the word Chevrolet like Ford you know it will make its interior decorations very similar across the entire platform whether you get the 1,500 Series 1500 series known by The Ford 150 or Ford F-350 or 250 know everything that happens will flow and make a r Everything is as similar as possible now Now all I have seen is putting my eyes in touch, touching, feeling and smell Everything else is the Series 1500 Series Silverado LT 2019 and the RED was sold the next day of filming although it was said that they were not actually the biggest fan With the 1500 series inside that I saw because I used to cavalry who have this beautiful middle console and all that there we do not get that number of 1500 series we got in the store now,

2019 GMC Sierra Denali Boy The new this luxury from the outside and certainly at home but anyway I think that’s what you’ll see in this place so let’s go ahead and look and take a look just fine because that’s all about it you’ll see the pictures here inside So we look pretty much at what we have now but you get the central console that was added there,

so it looks really fantastic. I’ve always loved how the Chevrolet type makes all the colors converge everything flows that they end up using real wood inside the vehicles on the assumption that one of the real wood, there is nothing here The only thing I thought of in wood broken wood inside the car The only auto manufacturer I’ve seen recently In a Lexus car days ago Lexus 430 LS 2005 was the oldest and one minute true wood and you like the real wood room I mean when you look at it looks like wood like but nowadays these cars even like these selvados do not look like real wood but they say they know but only Colors may look like weight to It looks real anyway let’s just get one after this right I mean,

it does not matter everyone even in the YM TAK wood inside your car you know one thing I like on Silverado is now in the 1500 series on canvas seats there directly on the small outer side there are reinforcements there I got a denim type kind of feeling and looking to this right seat there again so denim as in the know this is why I jeans like Wrangler Jeans. I have always wondered why the actual truck manufacturers, such as the interior, would not be wonderful. I mean they got all the other interior designs you think of in the shampani skin you know all these things but what about jeans I mean just thinking about it for a minute I mean you do not imagine you know someone gets a truck worn by a pair of jeans and mayb some shoes You know this, the other yeah you do it do not know why do not put jean inside the car maybe spots or maybe you know i do not know maybe colors I will know that wearing one of your clothes or your shirt is something like that I do not really know that I love someone to answer This question told me if I ever saw a car that had a p Li material inside inside was by the manufacturer did not do something like a car display or something like that, but anyway looks like Silverado looks like a new CDD like it casts great signals from the latest generation Silverado 1500 capture du du stads very similar using a large screen At the top with the Vince surrounds the display handles for the M entertainment system which sits directly under the HVAC controls and a set of snap buttons are at the top at the bottom.

The multi-function steering wheel looks the same again as I mean the cars they got. Put it on paper I mean Aurel in the screen here I know I mean it is very similar to the video that the manufacturers picked up when building these trucks I mean it should be effective from Cost and you know that can not make all the Silverado truck possesses a completely different kind of So you know the wise production and this will help to reduce costs so that truck prices do not fall off the ceiling but many people say the same thing that I heard on the internet is that the prices in trucks have just gone up huge I mean it’s huge The money you will pay for driving and owning a new truck 2018 Or 2019 means that the price of trucks e Just a high I mean a regular taxi business truck whether GMC Chevy Ford ‘re talking 30 + ordinary truck cabins means we’re doing 30 grand for a truck at the moment we know the days of buying a $ 20 truck plus a thousand dollars you know a brand new sale is now done if You want a car less than 20 grams Seventeen thousand dollars You’ve got to buy Kia Forti Get your truck so there’s no truck There’s a pocket out with the creature Twenty-two I think this is not so the truck is kind of a match with this kind of The stuff that they say is right in the pickup pickup truck is supposed to be a Competing with the Colorado Ford Ranger and heck we did not have our keeper so far our color du course but the Ford Ranger is still waiting for the Ford deal now to get us Ford Ranger forward come on the guy bring us the Ford Ranger why not do it yet I really want to know that we I did not see that I wanted to see it mean that there was supposed to be one riding around Charleston here long before I spotted Ford Ranger in the grocery store and jumped into my car trying to get here and find it but went.

The new 1500 series Silverado I’m blown away by reading some comments even though I’m in my videos mean a lot of negativity towards the new Silverado means you do not like a sports truck or looking for something different not “it looks like everything is fine, no I think this is what you are looking for,

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