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2020 Chevrolet Silverado New 2020 Chevy Silverado 1500 Concept Rumors And Features

Hello, will 2020 be officially a general heavy truck for the truck Why is it good that Chevrolet has just dropped the official image of the next generation of heavy truck 2020 and there is some information about this I will go even more of the top five things I learned from the press release and picture and also told us that Ram and Ford will also work To update the 2024 trucks for heavy duty. But before I show you the picture of this heavy truck,

let’s summarize what Chevrolet revealed in January about the light Silvado charges for the year 2019 to 1500 so we know what looks like and then on the march, and then we insured the trucks Silverado medium sized 4555 hundred And one we have photos The official said that the heavy truck for 2020 will be on sale in the third quarter of 2019 which means that it has revealed this picture about 18 months ago of its production on a truck up to the agency will be built in May as Shillin Flint said the models will work in public places now that I can not remember again when the factory says that our models are working now and then look at the picture that the mirror can see the clouds seem to be one bar rather than a double bar to hold a mirror and show less portable mirrors on the door which means it May be very similar to light truck In the 1520 model 19 unveiled in Detroit this year,

this is really interesting about the drag mirrors, where there are cool lights and then on the new Z71 heavy-duty truck badge badge, this is not a big surprise for me since learning that Chevrolet is focused on Off-road trucks even in their heavy models I’m just surprised that they do not reveal the addition of the boss after the next grill lights Well we do not see a lot of lights but the grille looks very nice What is the 2019 light you need Siho Prado and designer Chevy said that the lights will be A very unique heavy truck making stand out and we ee cans that hurt H The front is actually the biggest AndrĂ© reason we are here late in the evening of Tuesday making this video is you guys so we have some of the best patriot supporters out there for example Chris Lani who gave the video to tell us why he supported us as well to show his truck yeah let’s wrap This video now if you want to be part of the TfL family just click the link below and thank you Chris to make this video you guys so my name is Chris is behind me is my 2017 Colorado ZR2 may recognize me from when we took the TfL t puppy clanger hanger 2.0 I am Patterson tfl because I love the videos appelles are the best online channel review For cars hands a lot of work and look at buying this truck TfL was a big part of it and i know lots of other car enthusiasts TS and trucks like me there used t fl same way i did it guys guys continue to make great videos i hope pattreon finally helps you maybe you are interested In the specs on the new truck well we can see the shovel hood I think this is s diesel because Scoop is the current bonnet only on the Pixel Diesel scarf with GM and Chevrolet says the specs will be available in 2019 so we still have to wait about eight months So in the end Ram A Heavy-duty truck production in 2020 will move to the assembly of trucks in the state of Michigan factory until there is a new generation for the year 2020, and in the end there is some information about the 2024 Super Duty trucks that we know that it will update the truck.

We do not know exactly how the rumors about the 7-liter V8 engine, as well as the 10-speed automatic transmission and the heavy Ford, so a lot of excitement here and if you see new models that run Jules in public, please send the picture to us guys are our eyes on the road , And you can send it to the question in the truck TfL comm, of course, if there is more news we will publish TfL chong kham Remember that you saw it for the first time in a fast-track truck

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