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Saturday, September 22nd, 2018 - Dodge
Dodge Challenger1973 Hemi White V6 2007 Scat

You, guys, about the look of the new charger are fine even before we start to know that you are talking about the new look of the charger that may have leaked or not leaked,

I will show you the following picture here soon in a minute before you do so be sure to click on Subscribe button below and hit this Bill button too so you can adjust all the videos you got but yeah let’s get rolling so it’s supposed to look new from dodge chargers to be a little swarm we have our two for two pictures for you to look at different versions of the new charger 2024 Charger 2019 2020 that you take from the players until the first is this For someone who will show you right here so with this look you’ll see that they look nice and pretty Everything there is definitely a mixture of like a snake is almost small and I think this is a good look so you know it gives you you know much more that it is less muscle car but more than Type sports car like how i moved ka kind of maro to a sports car version talking abo r having a camaro behind me anyway anyway as i said the shape of the snake is what it has, i really love a lot of people like i’m not sure but i think it looks good sorry Hey guys here I look at Camaro behind me but I think it looks very good for you some Guys like how Brandon looks I do not know the look of the old car box I really love this one look here that our show I just showed you it looks very pretty still a little aggressive it looks quick it’s just more so that snake feels so i know that one here is now One last jumps just last yeah see that there is one this is also very nice this one i think it should be a bit close it might sound like the reason i say that because you got the belief that you have landed in a throwin temkin supposed bottom you know ace Dodge and it is headed by Alfa Romeo and Maserati on a global scale now this system seems Rara here More on the side of Maserati This is why I think this should be close to what it seems to give you to know that the front end of the sleep is closer to the Maserati than what is somewhat familiar with diamond-style headlamps with a type of snake like little likes of Logical If you are looking at the latest models of modern Maserati models and Maserati sports Mazarin Mazurazzi at least this kind of contrast has the same lights and everything I really like and between the two sides is clearly kind of saying that it still learns that the charger looks so I think this one has Be a little closer to what may seem, and now do not get me wrong a We like the look 2015 – 2018 and I think it will be called chargers and everything like 2015,

but you know that it is still an update and see that things have evolved as they are or do not develop things that usually adapt to them and if they are not good if you do not adapt With her if you do not adapt to her easily by another model Another very good model I love all the goals All the contestants love everything Not bad if you cho ose to keep it as you know,

it is not bad if you choose to keep cars that you have thought men give me your ideas, In which one makes one of these make them closer to what you want to speak sorry just sorry another target like mine Just let me know in the comments below Men What do you think seems closer than you expect Not to be what you know is what we wish and dreams What is the East – Do you think it will be very soon When 2020 comes out personally I said I think it will go to the second subtraction, I know why I said that he will go to the second show.

Let me know what men think and make sure to sign up. We will talk about a lot since I knew in a few years that he will download the Ender program, which will appear much more so let me know. Video to share with all Mopar friends car lovers so we could not Arafa how to talk to them, tell them to hang up below and subscribe to channels because w will discuss this much again, that is go kart or go sign

Dodge Challengerblack 69 Convertible 70 Awd Specs

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