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Friday, September 14th, 2018 - Dodge
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Twenty-four six and eight seven hundred and seven and eight hundred and forty it just makes no sense to imagine that the 426 engine will replace 392 s as the disposal of SRT 392 is your Daytona 392 s pack your scat 392 s although no one Called 392 scat package even though it has the same engine in the hood so it basically pack scat 392 so i imagine that these fonts will get an upgrade here as well as a 426 engine with that being said i dont know if dodgers will go out with all From their trims that I honestly believe that Dodge is kind of saturated with trims I mean from top to bottom we have our standard s60 D we got the rally we got RT and then rt has all sorts of variations in it we got r / t we got the scat package we got the Daytona 500 and then we got with the Daytona 392 we got our SRT 392 in Hellcat then we got a demon we got a lot Of guys and t even on the side of the competitors we talk about ta and then TA plus a lot of guys to be honest with and even myself when i see shippers and i see challenges through the city i do not know what the hell i should be totally honest with you, , I do not know what the badge is and if it says that our teeth and our power in the SRT are SRT a SXT they are XS 2 SS sx – excuse me Anything more powerful than what they already have on the market now in my opinion is ridiculous and this is a lot and that’s what I’m going for men so hopefully you know everything that works out and you know next year or so a few months maybe a year so I will upgrade this boy Bad and give me 426 but you know though that guys always say I appreciate you like subscribe to the last video comment we’ve done thousands of subscribers and i mean you guys are just you “you only know you kill me man like i love that guy we are clear i know here maybe this Time of next week I have a thousand and two hundred or three thousand three hundred men I can not To tell you how much I appreciate you guys with these videos and do not make any money from these videos if you notice that there should be no commercials on these videos no matter what you should not have to break the commercial guys because I really love to do the cut you know What I say at this point is I do not do it for money and I do not say at this point because the opportunity presents itself and then make sure you do not open it but at this point, I just enjoy creating videos and creating great content as you know more and more about the whole process Week, I am hoping to tell you this briefly, a But this time, we’ll keep it Wednesday. How about this guy just because I probably will Wednesday submit another video blog next week, and so on, but as is the case Always guys, thank you for your appreciation guys to impress you guys to set comments that are similar to the subscription, we will talk in the next video about me charge I feel already about that engine 426 let’s talk about it how a man feels you see the next guys are guys [Peace] Judge 36 – Here with another video for you guys guys I’m just gonna Keep it short Sweet direct to point No drone shots No screenshots of GoPro No clutter Just get directly to the point here A few days ago Dodge released teaser photos basically and they’ve been doing it lately from here and I think a lot of auto manufacturers are doing So now at least the muscle cars you know Chevrolet and Dodge are probably because they have ever but they shot pictures of the front of the new Dodge Charger Hilkat for 2019 Now I know in the previous video you talked about in 2019 you know Tee Cha I was saying I hope that Dodge Do not forget the charger line, I hope it will Loa something you know

Line charger and they answered that you know they answered my prayers My man answered questions so that they will do an update again Let us distinguish the redesign and redesign is essentially a new style of the new body Everything new New interior looks new Nothing update is “We will maintain the same body style that We’ll do it a little different, we’ll take a more recent look, you know from a performance perspective maybe give it some sort of upgrade and in the case of the 2019 hellcat charger from what I saw and what I saw you know I’m talking to myself here from what I saw the front grille is getting a new type of ventilation socket Or a new ventilation outlet to allow for better air flow from Obviously it will benefit the engine given the fact that the Hellcats do not come with fog lamps and that the fog section down there is only a mesh network and the whole purpose of the grille that is allowing more airflow in the engine that you can understand the 707 horsepower engine, To be great enough to run efficiently, I’m sure they’ll make things a bit different if I’m not mistaken considering the image that looks like they’ve redesigned a little front end or refreshed a little front end, I use these words reciprocally here, but it seems The Gulf has updated the The front interface is a bit so it looks a bit different from what we’re currently used to with the current that will put us on the market, that’s good, that makes me proud because I’m a charger person you know loves competitors do not get me wrong ” The selection like I like the charger line and I always wanted to make sure you knew when they came out with the Challenger Invisible and he did not come out with the shipper charger that kind of scared me because I think you know hopefull y they do not get rid of the lime charger you know what I’m saying just like they did the 300s You know what I say they would say so, and I hate them differently Do the same thing with the charge line and do not seem to exist but maybe at home as far as the program relates to the program that we may be updating and maybe also brand new linking the Apple Play system which I think the cars already have now of the 2017-18 charges already have now DoD scores because 15 mine but okay as far as performance is concerned I understand everything will stay on the same 707 horsepower more than 700 pounds of torque feet will stay the same 20 inches 275 s About everything we know and like about Hellcat will stay the same way you know it With the new update it only makes small upgrades to its look E not just look but in fact rm obviously because when you give yourself more think you know more sockets to enjoy the cold air which obviously takes your car from a performance perspective as well because i imagine a big 700 horsepower car might get high temperature under cover The engine is perhaps something that the owners of Hellcat company especially when they pull in their car passes on the basis that you know daily whenever they decide to pull their race cars and so forth More information that Dodge actually released here I’m not sure if the men have been seeing commercials I will put a clip here but drive 426 It looks like Dodge and it One of my sources and when I say sources I’m talking about another YouTube basically confirms that Dodge comes out with right Hemi 428 and as you can imagine I would imagine that 426 Hemi will replace 392 I do not see a place so I can not see Dodge after 345 or 392 then

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