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Thursday, September 20th, 2018 - Dodge
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Hello, today we are shooting another Dodge for 2019, so we challenged the Challenger and the charger, and now we move to Durango, this third generation of Durango, which was released in 2011 in 2014, there was a cosmetic operation, and now for 2019 there are more customization options The inside and outside adjustment is this closer to the muscle car as you can get a 4WD car from a row, and I would basically like to look at the full Durango 2019 new lineup and see what’s new from last year and what new buyers can expect and this will include all models of engines Colors have many features as I know the buying guide for 2019 Durango which we will start down with then SXT and then go from there all the way to the SRT model if you want to jump forward to a certain model times in the descriptions and in the end I will make a brief summary of everything, so for the models there are five that announced So far we have our SXT GTT and our SRT team last year there were seven models so all these five and then they also have S XT Plus and L anodized platinum so it’s basically just the extra differences XT will start at about $ 30,000 Which is pretty much like last year, the SRT model is expected to be around $ 62,000 and yen For a thousand dollars to be cheaper than 2018, we do not know the exact price for the whole set but on the screen for each model will appear what prices look like last year because the 2019 prices should be similar to the rear wheels where the four-wheel drive is available in each model except the SRT Only four-wheel drive will cost more than sixty thousand dollars so go let’s go into the models now even for SX GT and Citadel buyers can expect 3.6 liters v6 This gives the SUV 295 horsepower and 260 lb. of torque so there are no improvements there The gas mileage is 19 cities 26 highwa y for a real wheel drive and this is yank One Z MPG for the four-wheel drive and the V6 Kanto 6,200 lb. The main new option for the SXT is that you can now add leather seats to it for the first time to give the interior more premium feel come sh-t only with two rows of seats with optional third row for $ 995 Other standard features include a 7-inch leather wheel start button and a UConnect 4 with a 7-inch screen from the top of the GT. Also with the V6, the GT returns to 7 seats by default. New for these years, GT looks like the RT and SRT models. You get a front-end performance and LED fog lamps like those you also add again to complete the search for $ 1000 as an option so again we are seeing Model Dodge V6 that can look like a SRT at first glance New 2019 canvas seats are available if you do not want leather There is also a new 20-inch wheel design either in the satin or brass carbon monkey The colors were improved on standard SXT specifications with dual exhaust tips Glamor, daytime running lights and some of the features available that will cost you more leather seats from Capri with suede handles First and second row sports seats heated with steering wheel and electric lift and the castle is also the third model with the V6 standard but 5.7-liter V8 HEMI is optional at the cost of Additional About 4 grams of 5.7 horsepower of 360 horsepower and 390 ounces of torque fuel on this engine is only 14 cities and 22 highways, and can pull 7400 pounds, get two new upgrades for 2019, and the second row of seats, will now be a chair Chairs, and a new 825-watt audio system with 19 Harman Cardon and other standard features added at the top of the GT are 20-inch polished aluminum lamps, high-light headlamps with high automatic beams, a UConnect 8.4 screen and windshield wipers The rain and the second model of the top e

This is the only model in the standard lineup with the 5.7-liter of the new HEMI 2019 from our Cpl leather seats, and the Harman Kardon sound pack that I just talked about RT also gets the SRT look like last year with the SRT cover and a standard front slot They also added steering performance and finally comment the top dog is Durango SRT This has a 6.4-liter HEMI V8 with 175 horsepower 470 lb-ft of torque and best towing capacity in the class of 8700 lb. This three-row SUV can go zero to 60 in 4.4 seconds and runs a quarter Mile at 12 points 9 seconds Mile The gas strike is done because the SRT only gets on 13 City and 19 miles mpg red Dura safety belts ngo SRT, which is a new Brembo brakes with two-piece rotors for better braking power and new 20-inch wheels in either the unbranded steam or the copper monkey, we are not sure what these wheels look like yet, although the SRT is also loaded with high quality performance , Because it is the top-notch model before it is available only with the four-wheel drive. The SRT is also loaded with performance features as it is a top model. The suspension system has a more active front and rear contraception system, the rear exhaust system is turned into a foul sound, Inside the car steering wheel SRT with mpg The front-end paddles and front seats are made with performance laguna leather. You can find the SRT logo on the seats and also on the floor mats. Another great feature added late last year in March, we offer some new packages and features that move to the 2019 model, Interior SRT for $ 2500 which will add carbon fiber accents and hand-held control panel. There are also dual chips available at $ 1,195 five different colors so that we have a bright blue red flame with high gloss, low black gloss, low-gloss gonmetal and of course one more time HSE strips are available only for one SRT car Another 2019 addition is a new police car 2019 Durango Quest Of course this is not available to buyers but it is still really interesting to look in my opinion the Durango quest gets a range of features such as brake front fascia new front Ready braking Alert suspension k-9 Comfortable for heavy duty and trying to control the temperature in the area 5.7 Hemi If you want to know more about Durango Airport, gotta have a full video on this link will be in the upper right corner now let’s check the colors provided there now 11 Of them in total and last year was There are 10 but for this year we have in red violet octane Red redline granite pallet diamond white block Joint and white vice, and for the new three colors that make up those 11 we have a reactor that destroys gray and f8 in green and I think blue is a brand new color but we saw The gray and green F8 destroyers on chargers and deflectors are now in Durango for the first time as Dodge has taken away three colors gone blue blue b5 blue and blue supervisor by you, so all the information released will start 2019 ranking now and will be ready in The dealers are down by the fall and the pricing details are not released again A short summary of the new stuff, the 3.6 liter V6 engine on the SXT GT and the Citadel and the S60 now gets standard leather seats, and the GT gets the standard SRT appearance package with front fog and front fog lights and the SRT is Now the option is redesigned 20-inch wheels and satin or brass monkey colors as well as Citadel adds standard second row chairs, and a new Harman Kardon audio system has 19 connected speakers available in this model and everything from here, the standard 5.7-liter v8 At RT you get other Cpl seats and the SRT model is on top with new belts for Red seat consists of two pieces and different reactors Size 20 inches Blue f8 Green and destro yer gray We have 11 new colors available so this is the end of the video There were not many changes for 2019 but as you saw Dodge did not tweak a few things and also something else is definitely Dodge invested in continuing to improve Durango here Quote from Steve Shuaa who was the head of passenger cars for Fiat Chrysler in North America and basically says that Durango is the triple-decker for SUVs and the demand for SUVs is growing and growing over the past so it seems they will continue to Up to Durango, I will not go anywhere b Lost watch and make sure you like and opted in to all the contents of the Mopar and I’ll see you next video

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