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Saturday, September 22nd, 2018 - Dodge
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The all-new 2500 Ram vehicle in this review will cover all the extra features and prices of everything about driving dynamics and much more.

I will address this thing in a brief experimental test and showed many of the few features in the home in addition to the outward appearance even without further ado to start and start before we begin, I would like to offer a big thank you and special thanks North Wei Chrysler Motors in New Ontario Ontario to provide this opportunity today For more information about their contact information and inventory, please do not hesitate to see their location in the box below now inside the new power plant and has been installed with four men driving lanes. With a white casing that lights up and down on the top here, and you also have your own voice commands for speed control and control, as well as a hands-free phone for a power transmission with Omatic transport with a manual key here using a plus and minus on the shift column when reversing The car with you a backup camera with its lines as well as well equipped parking sensors anyway will go ahead and press the headlamps containing the LEDs and automatic will turn on the fog lights and the risks facing the driver and the steering window are already automatic now let’s We go out until we come out to some trailer options that the RAM models can pull out Now let’s start generating models from 2013 to 2018 like models of 2500 2500 and 3500 RAM Now let’s start from the beginning to start with 1500 RAM Now RAM RAM 1500 Only Drag The useful trailer is not that big but it is very difficult to pull a large heavy trailer with the hydrau components of the lic but can only pull a 2500 ram or 3500 model.

Pulling a large trailer with a large hydraulic was heavy either a standard 6.4 liter Hemi v8 or 6.7 diesel light Cummins Turbo or Chevrolet Silverado with Diesel Daimourax with 1000 Allison Conveyor to pull a large trailer larger than 30,000 lbs or so I’m not And that banking on but I’ll do it either Ford F250 or 350 F or F 450 with Power diesel engine Stroke can only pull a large trailer with a large very simple hydraulic system now all you need a car Power Wagon comes equipped with a new 6.4-liter engine capacity of the V8. We have a new battery here and a fuse box, you can push these clamps and open them. You can access valves like this.

There is engine oil stick, brake fluid brake, brake fluid and AC generator there. Now comes the new Ram 2500 memory with UConnect touch screen with Sirius XM / SM radio and an additional audio input jack and USB plus a very simple Bluetooth that you can control the applications of the radio broadcast media Ls phone settings what you want, a beautiful Wi-Fi connection point you can Enabling it and it’s involved in compact vehicles in cellular communication with your portable devices but it’s fantastic here comes equipped with a truck with the user manual of the car as in all 2018 new Dodge Charger Daytona talked about features that we can go to scheduled maintenance service and remind me of something when you want to See Messages on the panel To drive as in genetically modified cars that say refrigerant oil and car service e What should you do once a month or before checking the level of engine oil on the long road Check the level of glass liquid in the car washer of tire pressure, and look for non Now all the new Power Wagon vehicles are equipped with a 4WD system to put them in the drive just put down the key, it will give you a message saying that the SUV is in progress and if you put it in the two-wheel drive system it is simple if you want to put the car in a car Low 4WD, make sure the car Neutral and then placed on a low-level four-wheel drive, then be ready to put them back in two cars. Do the same Make sure the car is neutral and then put it back in the wheel and there should let us close it and we will check the rest of the car Here is the rear seat area of ​​the car The new Power Wagon also for five people inside the rear seat area Five people inside this car, Also, the cargo area is also equipped with a small truck around the all-new power vehicle,

you can also put garbage in it or use it from the spare tire It’s also a very standard check outside the back seat area It’s also a very nice electric car on the seats I got the gloves ap z here There are and One more here and there one there, also came with the owner’s manual is the Fiat-Chrysler wall products and also a 4WD key

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