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Thursday, September 20th, 2018 - Dodge
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GMC 3500 periodically and well this thing was very nice and decided we needed a video work to talk about, so what has already been released – “This is a picture of their new HD trucks and why this has to do with new GMC trucks Chevy GM Si Sam and they use a lot of the same components mainly because I bought this already because I want you to take a look at the mirrors until you know that Chevy has redrawed mirrors and her line of trucks is rising somewhat behind the substrate next to the window just as we used to be the center of a kind of power age On the years GM switched between a typical truck almost did it on Absolutely, we’ll start a new generation of trucks and truck mirrors but obviously talking about the Chevy HD trucks is a great place to go.the lab, if you guys have an instagram do not telely crush it with renderings of animation designs stuff that you can not even figure out if Make a real they just do a really good job there so make sure you check it out on Instagram now when I posted this on my Instagram Everyone said yes to the guy but it actually will really get you slightly and I do not know if the guys remember when you’re looking for The new truck you are actually researching is very intense to get on Sometime it took everything I had to get into because there was something very wonderful about a pickup truck that knew that Mega Cab Ram Dooley’s was one of the favorite trucks in the last ten years and is now considering the new Ford M4 50s especially those that have not Kellerman I do not know if guys have seen that I’ll post one picture here that the truck is just very cool and it was one of my favorite trucks so I was really doing a chase for Jelly and because I kind of retreated did not happen with it just showing her parking where I live In Southern California, California they generally absorb a scarf T as now sitting on the 14 was basically almost as wide as the arrow now if I were to lift the water tires set by Jolie on me I would eventually become about eight inches on each side of my truck now barely fit a line to a touch line in the parking space is not There is no way I could stand anywhere at every point of building these trucks for me at least is that I want to be a daily driver One of the other things I encountered when I was actually pricing and understanding everything I will do when I buy a car periodically, Is how close we were to buying a car that Daley was finding the frame It has an aggressive attitude in the 1940s, but it is not so many manufacturers that you make it g to do some kind of stuff in the back to make it fit without rubbing so many people just let them rub me up and they just give me a bad idea with the heat and all I did not want to risk so the only way I found out how to do it was to make the truck very wide so I could not stop the truck anywhere that would not drive me, and that’s just a defeat for the purpose that made me back down and go with Thule but seeing this truck Beautiful Rees Park It all craves a bit for me and makes me really consider whether it can reconcile in the L5p and I know that the easy connector released a unit that speaks to the ECM of the L5P but currently only accepts the melodies of the stock so there is still work to be done, For the helpers I’m doing now, it’s clear that the GFC has not made a picture of their HD trucks, so this front end is basically a modified view of the 1500 truck that obviously is out but all I can say is I really hope that Gen I took the notes or it is clear that the trucks that were already built before this record come but hopefully they will N GM with this road because I know we are all in the same boat when Chevy released the new 2019 truck nobody likes it so you see them lift up and look like any truck in the second they get out everybody hates it but then they start growing on you and this front front has really grown Especially at this size they are pretty loved now talking about size and this is clearly fluttering now the cool thing about Dooley is that you do not need to lift it all to make it look aggressive and mean like a poking truck
You really can not get away from saying like raising six inches and some 37 depending on what suits them obviously they fit a larger frame because they think the round wheels are now starting to get round wheel wells so this is a good sign but obviously this configuration seems to be About a 14 inch lift I’d probably 20 maybe 28 at 42 something like there definitely is definitely a big wheel now guys you know from my truck about why the 22s went is because I love to have a decent amount of meat on the tires now and I know it is not It looks super super flashy to show me the largest wheel out T size or less on For the least wall on each wheel but for me my configuration is perfect you know 37 seconds 20 inch 40s wheel 22 if i have to jump to a 42 inch frame, i will make a 24 inch wheel but i must say that this truck does not look good in the air, you know , Trucks really raised up the wonderful thing about the dot really what you can not go in any direction at the top and it looks good and i kno some of you will say that they pull wisdom and this obviously is useless you will not install a fifth wheel for this now you can still pull the bumper Just fine, go to General Y with a capacity of 32,000 pounds, you’ll be on a m ok, but if you want to talk N Wheel Five It is clear that you will be more in 60 inches to raise the scale that now benefits you with one thing I do not necessarily know correctly on the presentation Obviously the mirrors if you look at Chevy make you see what mirrors look a bit different is a kind of just Photoshop mirrors stretching from 1500 where the real high-definition mirror looks a bit different Now one of my favorite sellers about dual trucks is that the rear shocker will obviously have bigger bumpers to fit the extra tires and lots of trucks have missed the mark and I know some of the older ones in the previous time like a taxi Symbolism One it’s just a giant sail from a bed crib I know that Chever depends on the truck or my general model Thule bumpers look better than others but one thing you always loved about Fords especially the new body styles that is now that the Thule Barrier is really really sharp angles, It does not include a bit I’d rather have the bed body line rather natural then close it to the tires and I think it’s really nailed out now obviously we do not know exactly what GM will look like branching barriers, you have instant shots in seconds but a binary attacker Style A really stops the appearance of this truck exactly how I switch to For the next picture but I can not stop looking at it now sorry these pictures are a bit unclear but this is the best I can find here for an immediate snapshot of the actual GMC 2020, if you look closely, I’ll start feeling that it looks Some of these fonts are inferior to the tual tual. I do not like the presentation that would be really great. The mirrors are very different and look pretty much like the mirror of the ram. I think it’s clear that I do not think we might prefer or do not have the option of reducing the capacity that GREEG Which we lost for a long time, w if you want to browse the internet and pull some more shots for Yourself and seeing a lot of small features that have so we have been missing for a while one being there front camera on the truck is now one thing we know for sure because 1500 trucks only based on GM is that we will get a lot of technical features that we really miss. One obviously has to press the key to start my life now I never liked this feature for me, I’ve always loved the hate I like my shifter up in the column I have the kind of truck that makes but the truck in the car that defects without key pus h To start it is nice nice to just a The key in your pocket has certainly a lot of cool cool features I will not go to one of our 1500 trucks maybe a fact to hip dealers and check one this way you can get men like a practical review of the new 1500 trucks but a lot of great features like back seat with storage room Like this is the right time Jamie really starts to change small things like I know it is not like a big change for you for men who get such huge technological advances that you might jokingly say they will use them to try to sell more for trucks but things Small like this cool you know we do not get this often and will take my powertrain to try it right in having such small features on any day and I can already see the Ford battle being raised now in mind men have only owned many Ford ‘

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