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Sunday, September 16th, 2018 - Dodge
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Hey guys so in this video I wacov a very interesting subject which is the possibility of the return of Dodge until some new material appeared yesterday with allegations that there is a new snake and ya in the selected business for 20 21 even before we get into the details let her look back to the snake was launched generation The first of the Snake in 1992 then the last one we saw is the fifth generation in 2017 and then described by Fiat Chrysler so it will be the second time that the Dodge car returns as it ends in 2009, the 2010 model was released, then Viper Viper went back but returned for 2013 Best ever. This return in 2121 is just a rumor, but it is certainly a possibility given that the past Dodge history also needs a higher model to compete with Chevy and Ford. The shipper and Challenger are superbly matched with Camaro and Mustang but the devil does not come back nor Dodge has an answer to the Ford GT or Chevy California Corvette new Viper will be the perfect solution ccording to a car and a driver that the revitalization of the snake and 2021 is very likely that Icola we take it in a grain of salt in both cases, let’s take a look at the expected car specifications so it said that the snake has both independent suspension front and rear body will be Eat Its aluminum and carbon fiber to keep the weight as low as possible there will be the same engine as the middle front we used it from the snake inside the hood is too long and the car will be provided immediately and the coupe may come after a few years unfortunately v10 engines that were found in the past snakes will not be return will be replaced with some sort of v8 but no one is sure of any one as it is just speculation only at this point, Chrysler is reportedly making v8 aluminum block for a new Viper can thus be any case v8 expected will start at about 550 horsepower Then after a few years or maybe soon we may see the upgrade Of a snake engine supercharge d in the region of 700 or 800 hp There are also rumors of new engines in the RAM reveal banshee 7 liters v8 and 2.6-liter Super V8 so that Viper to share engines with that car, or even with the charger or hellcat engines Challenger hope that We see the manual transmission as almost all the competition

Now automatics and Fiat Chrysler use an existing one for a snake like Hellcat or even a demon to create something like that and then the price of Viper may start near ninety or a hundred thousand but if they have to develop a new engine you would think the price might be more like one hundred and thirty thousand Plus Plus This Viper can be notified as early as the 2019 Detroit Motor Show that will be the 30th anniversary of the Viper that explodes for the first time on the scene in the form of a Roadster car in 1989, this is an ideal occasion to announce the arrival of the new Snake to the world by 2020 or 20 21 Snake must be on the roads and parked in car corridors So every detail I can get to find the new snake again this viper will be competing for the Corvette C8 and the Ford GT GT although the cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars apart that these two companies have supercars mid engine and Dodge also answered them I must To repeat that this is only a rumor of the car and the driver is a reputable source but does not have official support for this so far looking back Dodge already released five special edition snakes in 2017 to celebrate the last year of the Viper and they closed the production plant so too, Means that the new snake is under C to be sourced and built by another company like Ford GT on the other side of things I have already revived the Viper once so I can not get the latest This is the end of the video video Just update Mopar another quick video while I’m on vacation and I can not do much With my car because I do not own it here. Thank you for watching. Let me know what you think of this news. Do you want to see Dodge Fiber reborn or should FCA focus its efforts on creating new platforms for the shipper and its competitors instead or both. I personally dream of a snake lover and I would be very invited to see her dating even if you probably can not get close to 4 1 Now I’ll leave you a few minutes of photos showing how the snake evolved from 1989 to today to make sure you like and engage you in all the Mopar content I will see

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