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Sunday, September 16th, 2018 - ford
2020 Ford Everestrangers Truck Diesel Troller Cars Concept

Welcome to Tomic Today we are very excited at the Blue Mountains in Australia and it is very frosted because jbut we are here to take a look at the new Everest Ford 7 Seat Syou in all its glory Many of the changes for this process are cosso our front grid LED headlamps which It is nice in the bag on the full run of the car where you can see the main difference I’m trying to have is the fact that at the moment in the power of the engine, I got a 2 liter Biturbo tethered to a tenspeed called gearbox so we have the same driving power that the Ranger Raptor Now available in this gives you greater strength and more powerful pull From 3.2 we started from the airport to Mount Foo, so a big road test was done today and tomorrow we’ll take it off-road to show how far this off-road vehicle is, so let’s take a look at the Ford Everest that has been refurbished and modified from reality. What customers want is very strange, with what they will get in New Zealand is titanium, and from the point of view of our power plan we now have the 2 liter Biturbo engine seen by Raptor and also connects to the tensspeed box which was actually while weps was first seen in the Mustang v8 so the configuration provides More power up to 157 kW and 500 n Yuton meter of speech, which in turn gives an additional pulling power up to 30 100 kg and efficiency also say that you will actually get fuel efficiency of 17% of the tank, so that the value of nearly 200 Kay of the situation outside the tank very well, so you have to spoil the engine Oakland Tech

They’ve messed up the suspension, and certainly the stabilizers are more stable on the outside side of the new headlamps for the new LEDs running in the remotes, just refreshed and refreshed a bit more around the side that displays this turbo 2 liter or 20 20 inch 20 inch turbo alloy and I always think Always good so ride the highlands the best ride feel is the best improvements continue inside with the 3rd sink there is so much plenty of safetysecurity still on the roof 5 but there is now an urgent emergency brake independent there is only better to be the best all-round new in the new colors, This is something We took it from the airport all the way to Blue Mountains and from the road engine point of view. From miles per hour that any sound from the outside was dead and it was very safe and safe on the road it really feels really planted We’re just about off-road Sika so all the terrain system I enjoyed I know how well Everest’s performance is off-road but we’ll look at how good these Vision If any of the damage improvements are happening, it seems that I know the answer is good but let’s take a look and see what happens on the off-road until we’ve made it up to the top of the blue mountains here, so we’ve seen it well and it was fun, so we did the task on the paved roads, We basically made offroads in 2019 for terrorists. Has been revised, it is better to have a stronger suspension and just see how capable it is to be this monster completely, take it on the road, take it off the road, this is the way for you

2020 Ford Everestford Raptor Ranger Bronco 2018 Explorer

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