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2020 Ford F150aluminum Body Fx4 V6 V8 50

Hello, what happens to the players is Shino and some news for you to understand their fans there seems we will get three motor choices for 2020 Raptor is now this little bit of face lift now this may not seem exactly like this but this is just a concept I do not know if they’re repeating SPT badges in this and that on the car but it looks so good I’m satisfied where this mold is incorporated or so in the body and not just nothing there as much as i just draw so i like this looks damn good to me especially with those side panels that you have like good The twin turbo 3.5-liter is still on the table 7-liter can go in the neighbor H for 2019 to 2020 Once again when we approach 2019 we will get some dates as specified as 7 liters and when they put them there already because that is all you hear is left and right and another one is a high red 3.0 TT belly will give you more than 400 horsepower and 400 lb ft of torq Also the good part of it is that with this hybrid system you will actually have an internal generator that will basically help you in the section regarding camping and work or whatever the situation will be and act as an energy generator. Also probably the candidate for the F150 F150 standard probably because they talked about hybrid and this hybrid which we’re talking about I think the Lincoln pilot show in three days said it was a 3.0-horsepower 400 horsepower 400 lb-ft of torque connected to a hybrid system that gives you The larger horsepower and greater torque will also increase the fuel consumption so we heard about the pilot and now hear that the engine may make its way in the Raptor 3.0 turbo twin turbo. This is what shows here the four-wheel drive model gets 400 so you can see that the jump in numbers and multiples ap For this particular engine we might get that 3.0 at the end of the RAW see any engine But when the ey said that the only twin hybrid I heard of was the TT 3.0 hybrid system that enters the pilot as an engine option, so if that’s the only one I know he’s talking about and then probably the one happening at Raptor so we’ll drop To 3.5 3.0 Hi-bred and the monster on the 7-liter option is available on the table for the Raptor so instead of the one motion option you will be working on three engine options so we’ll hit it now, any one you’re doing like the three will produce power and torque, but that might meet you in the middle. This hybrid system is new with its option with this generator option or built-in generator where it can work You know the power of many of the tools or so, and I guarantee that you will be able to see that the reporter who you know and play with f-150 because they spoke

About the standard F-150 No one raptor with a type of hybrid engine we just do not know what it would get and how much output power now when they said more than know 400-horsepower 400-lb-ft of torque with hybrid economy and fuel up to 30 highway Which looks very good to me as much as 7 liters I heard my left and right fields until late 2018 may be an option in 2019 but they also have not yet seen I saw the 2019 Raptor by the end of some other options as far as the 2019 model but there is no new front end There is a new truck so I suppose they were already talking about late 2019 to 2020 But when we approach this time frame, we will discover the facts to a great extent just like those that go beyond your knowledge of Raptor and since it is 2019, I consider this to be what I think a new process to attract Raptor is to know a new truck base you know you know. Maybe interio r for late 2019 and then in late 2019 will offer two other options for cars during the year, and that’s what I think he was hearing all you know 2018 or 2019 2019 2020, so we have to get closer to 2019 to find out what’s happening I wish Ford would make a decision because these leaks kill everyone, that’s the news I got For you Raptor, let me know about this concept and let them know what you think as much as it looks like a new raptor like this I think it looks good damn good I do not really complain that it looks pretty It ‘s damn too hard for me Anyway let’ s show you Just know and I will talk to you later

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