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2020 Ford F250cab Enthusiasts Diesel Big Escape Suvs

Hello, what’s going on, guys, let’s try to make a new answer, so Mach are guessing what the guys will not call “Mach” as I said before he’s his own name, but again like some people do not believe me I have no idea what it means but there will be some Mustang in the DNA Explorer or inspiration from these two vehicles in this car so you do not get your panties in a set like it’s a Mustang raised it’s not a Mustang raised it’s not a Mustang SUV, Just be inspired by some of the main things that you will know they will get a little flavor In fact, I said in fact we do not know what the name will start with eevee eevee one who already knows the edge of the explorer and escape maybe we follow the brand but otherwise you see these spying shots that we will blow up just a little bit and talk about So now they camouflage this car now some people say well this is just escape now if you actually look at how long this car is or not how it is not too long but it is definitely less and longer than escape escape is top now this could be a new escape Of the new focus platform because it may be longer mm But what they say is that you can not get a new shot for this interior yet but they’re new. Working on being able to be both can be a new escape. Evie the Evie was not expected to be known in the Crossover Explorer SUV Out so far for a few more years of Bronco and baby broncos what we call is out or for a smaller version, again

They are just pseudonyms and code names that are supposed to come first of all the electronic or electrical options that we might be talking about and which we know are supposed to come out before that but now maybe they will be mixed up. We’ll get a new explorer. So where is this particular car? Between the edge of the explorer in Bronco and the Bronco child Ranger Raptor the average guard is average size and assumes that he is supposed to be more athletic for SUVs and I think people will not be happy if he does not carry the v8 option on this platform but the CD platform is supposed to be six new This kind of universe is among the most Ng in the SUV section so far what it is this is not the new explorer maybe it could have been a new escape but now considering those headlights and the way they end up this interface definitely does not have a mathematical look to it we have to wait and see you leave their own comments w What do you think this can be a Machining Coding two of the Sports Crossover 1 or Mach 1 or is it a new Ford Escape on the horizon for the new platform that is now Xia and later attacked you

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