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Sunday, September 16th, 2018 - ford
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What’s happening to you guys? Welcome back to the channel and in another video we thank you very much for following the day’s episode we are waiting for today at home because this Florida weather has been horrifying for the last two or three weeks looking at it there it gives up a bit but it just rained every day and gt350 behind us here is actually clean for one time because this is my daily driver it’s usually not the cleanest car in the world but at the moment it’s actually clean because I cleaned it anyway in today’s video, we’ll be talking about the Shelby gt500 2020, The car that I’ve been expecting for a long time now, I think That Ford will return this car in 2017 2018 or 2018 2019 which did not happen clearly ended in 2016 Launch Shelby GT 350 and GT350R GT 350 were not now so this kind of offers they changed my little plan but nevertheless said the GT 350 It may be by far the best car ever owned by me in addition to my GT 16 which is the right back so what I have to talk to you guys now is the 2020 Shelby GT500 Now I have to say that Ford has done a good The very function of keeping their lips sealed and leaking only the information they want us to see is very calculated on their part and there is no major information the first thing I will emerge On the screen here is a leaked image is not a leaked image but a cover for the magazine Motor Trend what appears to be the issue of July until next month next month, which is basically a shot higher than gt500, which confirms only what we have already seen a lot of spy images There are even able to see on our hood some very aggressive vent that not only looks great but they will be very functional in the same I’m in the rear direction to the rear of our spherical wing a huge different style tty spoiler that we saw on gt350r

However, it will work very practically, but it is interesting now, I did not think that this wing was the best appearance of the wing inspired by the race, but it actually grew me a little too, since over time, you know a few months now now there was Also a leaked image of the front end of what appeared to be gt500 and you can see a very aggressive vent on the lower and right lower sides of the bumper plus the very short chin spoiler looks a lot like gt350 is not so aggressive so i expect there you know two different versions of this car personally as they did With GT 350 on the GT 350 I would expect to see the GT500 R or perhaps GT500KR Keep on the road they intend to go so you will probably get a more daring design to share with R It is not just a design, but it also works again more powerful downward and then perhaps a different wing I’m not quite sure it’s just speculation on my part but it will be stupid Do not intend to do that to look at the ridiculous ATMs I ordered with the arm model of the GT 350 and only the regular version of the GT 350 and I’m glad to say that I did not pay a mark on this car now I think one of the most controversial things about the new GT500 we saw Is adding what appears to be an automatic transmission. I will go ahead and play this section for your comrades Now as you hear this is not a manual transmission I do not think anyone will say that this is a manual transmission of what you just heard with that I think now is the best time to advance to launch the automatic transmission on the new GT500 While it would not be a personal choice for me I’m more of a manual transmission type than a guy I like to feel a bit more connected with the car and I’m not worried you know going as fast as possible in a straight line now with that what we saw from 2018 GTS Mustang and Automatic Speed ​​10 The speeds I think only show the improvements and limitations Ford has made with the operations For automatic transmission, I think adding the DCT option at the gt500 would be very good for many people who did not have a chance to get gt500 that might not drive manual or do not want a manual car again I’m more than manual man and I was going to get the manual version when it comes out but once Other I think it’s a good option to be and probably be a full beast now a bit more speculative here about the car more about the technical side of things, but it is expected to be a predator engine of a 5.2-liter optical drive included in the car shipped faster than 700 horsepower again. Is speculation but from what we have seen this information will be very accurate in my opinion again I mean accurate speculation I do not know if this is the best way to say it but nevertheless said we heard the infamous veno m line kills executive increases from Ford Executive and I do not think it should Compared to the gt500 demon dodge because in my book this dowry is one trick it got a ray of clouds on all four wheels and just goes fast in a straight line now and finally i want to talk to you about what i expect from the new gt500 and what i expect it to be, The end of the day that Ford will take everything they did with the GT500 and even the GTS Mustang Apply it in gt500 so you will have all the gt500 or sorry gt350 and gt350r features and it will have a supercharged 5.2 liter engine. I can only imagine the capabilities of this engine and the upgrade capability that you will be able to do even if it comes with 700 horsepower From the factory or 750 whatever there will be some easy ways to modify that car to make it up to a thousand horsepower in my opinion again this is beyond speculation but here’s what I’ve seen in the past from Ford and I think this is more logical than what they did with the GT 350 and Impressing this car I can not wait for the 2020 Shelby GT500 I’ll go as far as I can say this is the most car So far from Ford and they have done a great job mitigating it, and again I was impressed by the extent to which their lips are sealed on all the information they have so far to this point anyway I hope you have enjoyed this video Let me know your thoughts about the Shelby gt500 What’s new for 2020 What you saw Do you think the automatic transmission is a good addition, do you like how the car looks? Like the new gt500, do you like the spoiler you like the new front bumper and all the things I know we have not seen full and final detection of this car but I think they come very soon my mark next month we’ll see the car’s unveiling so very exciting stuff I hope you enjoy it

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