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Because he struggles with the latter perception that he does not preview future products enough through typical cars and technical innovation that can be said to have been largely focused on mobility and communication with very little about the same cars [music] Fortunately for the Blue Oval fans and contributors there is a glimmer of hope in the exhibition Detroit Motor Show earlier this year with short promotional games for your child Bronco Mustang gt500 and most importantly an electric car called Mach 1 [Music] But we are not wiser about the direction that Ford will pay for the design of electric SUV, so what about fill gaps Speculator Remembering what could bear fruit [Music] Remember the stunning Devos Concept car from 2011 back then reviewed the futuristic Ford design Epis and served as the inspiration for Fusion’s current Mustang but this has been a long time now and now a new design trend is needed to keep This is a study of the new front fascia, which features a majestic trapezoidal grille surrounded by a glossy black ocean and a dominant LED light. Feel free to contact the lobster claws for the front end, taking a paper from a book Designed by Tigers The roofing follows the black color of the current color on the direction of body color, as other manufacturers take advantage of sheet metal as fragile, artistic and operational while still a development for the design of Ford The former motorist can say that DNA can blame the former CEO’s signature fields to block the company’s path to full hybrid and electrification, while competitors have advanced in this technology because they have not manufactured any new electrified products and non-GS years JB that investors were not yet happy with jim hackett now on his head we are still in the dark

About the type of Ford system that will be used in terms of electric motors and battery technology [music] Well that the construction of electric motors and design at home or outsourcing the type of battery technology we use and that we know is that the range needs to be much higher than what the current federalists from Switching to solid battery technology Magic Bullet can be in terms of the range of rapid charging performance and the benefits of thermal safety, yet there are still some trade barriers to overcome before the technology becomes widely deployed. 2020 A large number of SUV Electrified by rivals such as Tesla Hyundai Volkswagen and General Motors To name just a few, Hyundai South Korea’s heavyweight already offers a Kona EV with a range of 250 miles, and Volkswagen’s hard-headed cars tend to market in 2020 with 300 hp plus 300 miles [music] In terms of luxury alternatives, Jaguar already offers IFAs services and the Mercedes-Benz Mercedes Benz and Navi will be equipped with electric SUVs on the market by 2020 [MUSIC] We hope that the Ford SUV will be previewed in the form of Conceptually over the next 12 months, if so , It is expected to be done for the first time at a large motor show.

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