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On the other hand, the chin spoiler looks generally aggressive in general, especially with these small wings towards the end, and this kind of follow-up to the side trajectory area, so let’s move on to the side of the car because there is certainly some interesting stuff out there that we can see with This picture here is that the detail of the separator that starts in front carries its way to the sides but only for a small proportion, and immediately behind that front wheel and then a kind of dive back to the car after the column is definitely definitely interesting from the point of view you really do not see it too but I imagine it exists only for reasons Functional and not for aesthetics Put this side splitter together with wheels They are basically a gang on what we saw in this teaser video Yet what do you guys do think about these things man dig into these wheels because I personally am getting a more aggressive boss to style Laguna Sika I feel Here with these extra things and stuff I really dig them, plus I think they look much better on the finished product and without all that stuffy como now wrapped around these new wheels the gt500 is a set of Michelin Pilot Sport tires but the exact model is not quite clear as some Details or tags have been It may mean that the new Shelby is getting a unique frame as Nitto did with the Dodge Dodger, and even most likely Ford and Goodyear have returned to 13 and 14 Shelby gt500. It should also be noted that these brakes are now free of The openings we saw with these early spy images instead of just increasing the massive rotors and six piston front pistons with an impressive rotor as well as double caliper preparation and talking about the background let’s move to the back of the car as three big things leap in front of me first and foremost Something this wing inspired from the track The phenomenal that we have seen in the teaser video is not here on the prototype which really is not a big deal for me because for example d assume they just provide for the final production car II It is strange that Ford decided to go with the 2018 backlight while still using the headlights for pre-update However if we go back to the teaser video that I know was saying that much of this video you’ll see it was a Ford plan all the time and you can barely make there more rear lights on the CGI’d last car but not the least of them tips though right I mean look at these Planetary things Very snugly surrounded by the new rear curtain we saw again the first glimpses of this teaser video but all that tells us well that it tells us that the new gt500 will not be just some tweaked or thoughtful GT or GT 350 instead it would serve as a radical and muscular version of Unbelievable of the s550 with more than 700 horsepower running so look forward to seeing a lot of this thing maybe a little more as we approach 2019 but as always, the big question is I was thinking about this thing and I know it’s a bit hard to get On a full scale of what this car would be until we see it completely revealed to Be judging through the looks of this thing in spy video images Very accurate teaser now before getting fun fun stuff Let’s look at our friend’s bullet 2019 quickly as we were following this thing for a while now as we finally confirmed the horsepower and torque numbers of Ford goes on Say it is impressive now

With three parts of the GT 350, including the cool 87 mm air intake and its hood, Ford was able to pump its output power to 480 horsepower and 420 pounds of torque to crank. The way to raise the maximum speed to 163 mph which is more than eight of the standard GT price point for this thing we will really start about 47,000 USD is not cheap at all and we will again add the dark green high quality shown here give me all of this I love it In addition to the black shadow which in the way you can see right there before we get out of here we have some work to take care of because because in the last installment of Mustang news we announced awwe exhaust gift and this winner is the Pope’s master BS I will not ask what that means but congratulations you’re the proud The new exhaust system is now well feared for this We have something a little smaller to give away but it is very exciting for us here in that because our 10th Annual Mustang Muscle Show is right around the tenth anniversary I can not believe it is growing very fast but this year we have already moved from a few months to June 16 at Maple Grove Raceway Always a good time for you a lot of wonderful cars you are looking for and honestly if you do not have one of our offers, this is what you should check it because on the tenth anniversary we will do a great job we will enjoy if you have not bought your ticket yet, so you are lucky to get On one at the moment in addition to A gift card worth a hundred dollars, all you have to do to get involved in the fun comments, if you live on the west coast I do not want to hear excuses Jump on the plane Get the blood equipment will be so much fun again Leave us a comment Thanks for watching the players Sign up if you have not already done it and for all the Mustang stuff keep it here for americanmuscle.com hey ya up everybody i am Justin Wit e amer icanmuscle.com here with some very awesome Mustang news to bring you men on weekends and this course is gt500 generic 2020 is finally not right kind of right I mean of course these come News from our friends at the Mustang 6g is a quiet and wonderful forum by Mustang fans if you have not already made a trip there Check out it’s a great place especially if you own the s550 Now just yesterday these guys posted a series of photos of the prominent auto spy photographer photography photographer Which shows us the beloved Mustang beloved hump perfectly if you still wear it with some camo for not giving it all away completely and this is amazing right because so far all of the spy shots we’ve seen in a bunch of loose and huge camera have left a lot of imagination to be released by Ford For its propaganda at the Detroit Motor Show This year, Shelby was featured in all of her work at CGI. ar is coming in 2019 but with everything he said let’s talk a bit more

About what we see here with these newly released espionage photos and comparing them to what Ford is back in the teaser video and what you say we started out because frankly this is the most important part of the car at least for me now, the visual and functional side first became a very hot topic In the Mustang community now, this is Ford’s decision to commit by 2015 through 17 front lights and not going with the 2018 headlamps just as the GT 350 did now. Frankly, it was not a big surprise as the video was basically referring to this back in January The second, but his vision is hollow This recent prototype is a kind of re-extinguishing fire now with some rumors that the GT500 will be used to support the carbon composite radiator and components of the GT 350 that will allow the lower nose but also maintain some of the great aerodynamics of the smaller GT 500s and frankly function The players aside I think there is one of the w w-wners there who honestly prefer the appearance of the headlights from 15 to 17 during 18 included myself but go to the barbecue area and in front of the players you can not miss the huge Cobra logo and again that lovely net covering both the mesh openings Upper and lower This is similar to the GT 350 but the gt500 here on the other hand seems a little bit larger because it is not blocked by those network fangs now something Another big or interesting thing that caught my attention was that those chiller or chillers sort of just loitering in these openings of the lower fascia that can be honestly used for a few different things but I guess at least one if both are not allocated to help cool this latest 2.6 TBS blower Lighter at the bottom hood is very bulge The incidentally seems to be right on par with what our board showed in this teaser video and thankfully because this thing seems to be quite poking also worth noting is that the front track width and specifically the front fender area looks noticeably wider on the GT500 compared to the GT 350 which It was bigger than the standard GT now although it is a little hard to see here with camouflage in place but those vertical details next to the lamp seem to be lined with a CGI’d car in the Ford promotional video although the black between the front and front fascia tends to make it more pronounced A little on this teaser so you’ll just get up R to see and see what lies beneath this front vinyl wrap

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