2020 ford mustang shelby gt500 spesification

Tuesday, September 18th, 2018 - ford
2020 Ford Mustang Shelby Gt500shelby Gt500 500 For Sale 2020

Today, because the weather in Florida has been awful during the last two or three weeks, just see it there, it’s a bit stable but it just falls off every day, and the gt350 behind here is clean for once because this is the everyday driver normally not being the cleanest in the car. But now it’s clean because I cleaned it anyway in today’s video, we’ll talk about the Shelby gt500 2020, the car I’ve been expecting for some time. I thought that Ford would work on 2018 2018 or 2018 2019, it never happened that in 2016 the Shellby GT 350 and GT350R were launched that were not GT 350 now. The offerings changed from my small plan, but the GT 350 was probably the best car I have ever owned, plus the GT16 that came back so what I want to talk to you now is some of the latest news and rumors about the Shelby gt500 2020 now must I say that Ford has done a very good job keeping their lips sealed and leaking information just that they want to be counted by them, and there is no key information revealed about this car now the first thing I will print on the screen here is a leaked image is not really a leaked image but a cover for Motor Magazine Trend of what appears to be the July issue until next month the month received , It’s basically a shot higher than the GT500 and only confirms what we’ve seen already a lot of spy photos out there so you can see on our hood some very agg ressive vent that do not look great but will be very effective at the same time, we had a very wide wing of different style We would be willing to work now but I did not think this was the best wing suite appearance the most inspired race but actually grew very little since I saw it over the last time I knew a few months now now there was also a leaked image from the front end of what looks like gt500 wim Nick vent to see the highly aggressive right and left areas The flare of the bumper as well as the chin spoiler is very short as much of the gt350 is not very aggressive

So I expect to know that there are two different versions of this car personally as they did with GT 350 on the GT 350 Do I expect to see the GT500 R or maybe gt500kr depending on the route they intend to go to you probably get a more aggressive design for the stock with R is not just design , But it also works again more powerful than the bottom, then maybe a different wing I’m not quite sure it’s just speculation on my part, but it would be stupid for them not to do it because they looked at the ridiculous ATM that drove it with the arm model of the GT 350 and only the version Regular GT 350’s, and I’m glad to say that I have not paid a mark on this car now I believed one of the most controversial things about the new gt500 that we’ve seen is to add what appears to be automatic transmission. I will continue to play this section for your comrades right now, and as men hear it is not a guide I do not think anyone will happen e that this is a manual transmission of what you only heard with that said I think now is the best time to advance to launch an automatic transmission on gt500 While it will not be a personal choice for me I am more of a manual transmission type for a man I like to feel a bit more connected with the car and I am not worried about you learning as fast as possible in a straight line now with what we saw from the 2018 Mustang GTS and 10-speed automatic I think they show only leaps and measurements improvements made by Ford with n Its automatic I think adding the DCT option in the gt500 would be very good for many players I did not have a chance to get gt500 that might not drive manual or I did not want a manual car again I’m more than manual man and I’ll get the manual version when it comes out but again I think It’s a good choice to have and maybe it will be a full monster now a bit more speculation here about the car more about the technical side of things but the predator codename engine is expected to be 5.2 liters listed in the car shipped with more than 700 horsepower again this speculation but from what We saw this would be very accurate information in my opinion once I mean accurate speculation I do not know if this is the best way to say but nevertheless he said that we heard that the poisonous line poison kills demons from a Ford executive and I do not think that the gt500 should be compared to Dodge Dodge because in my book this pony trick is one it got pulled radials on all four wheels and just going fast in a straight line Now I finally want to talk to you guys about what I expect from the new GT500 and what I expect it to be, I think it is quite clear at the end of the day that Ford will take everything I did with the GT500 and even the Mustang GTS and implement it in gt500 so you will get ten characteristics of dealing with gt500 or sorry gt350 and gt 350r and it will have a 5.2 liter supercharged engine I can only imagine the capabilities of this engine and the upgrade capability that you will be able to do even if it comes with a 700 horsepower from the factory or 750 no matter how easy it is to modify that car to make it up to a thousand horsepower. My opinion is again this is more speculation but what from what we saw in the past from Ford I think this is more logical than what they did with the GT 350 and how impressive this car can not wait until 2020 Shelby GT500 I’ll go away to say this is the most anticipated car up Now from Ford they have done a great job of cheating and once again I was impressed by the extent of it I kept their lips sealed on all the information they have so far for this point so anyway I hope you will enjoy this video Let me know your thoughts on the new Shelby 2020 GT500 from what you saw Do you think the automatic transmission is a good addition Do you like the look of the car? You like the new Gt500, which you like the spoiler that you like the new front bumper and I know that we did not see a full and final disclosure of this car, but I think it comes very soon from my words and I think we will see next month the car, so we hope you enjoy the video I will see you in the relay The following

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