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2020 Ford Super Dutysuper Duty F450 2017 F250 Electric

Those who call them a brand new super dutty Ford with eight inches of lift and 15 inches of shocks are fine, there is only one that you can call the Zilla Shock and now exit in the expressway truck, we’ll tell you everything you ever wanted to know everything well Almost Hello guys Welcome to SEMA 2016 I am here with Adam with a truck called shock Zilla Yes why I heard this truck sharkzilla I do not think it screams Oh yeah we went further with shockers of course we went and provided our production of 24.0 coils on the front with Rizi but We traced it with the triangular bypass as well as on the front at each corner, as well as gone A quadriplet is pretty much all the way around our triple treble wrap on the rear also contribute to our vast rear springs It’s a very comfortable truck ride We went a bit above this what we call shock della I’ve got a lot of it’s got a lot of shock because it’s obvious Heavy trucks can not go off the road bo t it’s not the ideal gadget often Craig it’s like a big and heavy truck so i took a superduty Ford and you tweaked it add a travel comment maybe a bit of baja runner almost yes they did a nice poking tell me about those exhaust pipes back There are yes they smoke chimneys L full capacity yes they come to get square wives come out quite often when you are out roaming want to say the boss sometimes you catch the pull the exhaust muffler gets bleed gets sometimes so we just completely eliminate it and make it come to mid The truck is now of course you’ve got a spare wheel that helps these wheels are 38 right and the interior also does not tell you about you to do that Delia Alia designs leather designs we have manufactured inside the cabin we produce them back to as fast as we can be wonderful interior wonderful wonderful and wonderful You made it A lot of other seba trucks d when you go to design a truck how to get inspiration know what you are using to say this is how we will do sharkzilla it is just like once we try to try to be different yes some people love to continue the standard and want to be different we want to be so Want to stand in the crowd now how much our plan refers to the truck 15 uses the best 15 inches in the rear okay so when you are with the will you can get a full super duty often people want to see super duties as drag trailers pull puller campers

You know it used as a work trucks We wanted to include this to us something you can actually use off road Take it off road This is yes Now we do not have to be sure we’ll make it off-road and do some testing So I’ve always wondered about what happens to SEMA vehicles once you know You are outside the floor of the showroom here at SEMA. Will Sala keep them back in stock? Will we stay on this path? We will keep it modified and use it for offers that revolve around slightly different vendors, show the product you know to a large extent, let it out and let it get a lot of public view to see it correctly. A lot of money is in this next truck if you say that Nearly one hundred and sixty-five thousand F. Including the price of the truck maybe if any of these guys want to buy this truck definitely yes I know that everyone has a good number guys if you want to hit Zilla superduty you know it’s available and do the engine or Is to start quite stock it right so it got up On Brand New Ford Truck Brand New MM mm Stroke Super Low Stroke Stroke Disterna Fine Strokes is OK I guess it is my soft ball question What is your part of her truck Hey boy I would like to say the end The rear of the truck is now at the back end of the truck, specially designed for metal sheets, long airbags to travel in the rear give it a unique feeling because right here here are actually bumps stents yes so here jock stents yes yes it got quite what they have on the mounting point so Where they give it instead of installed We’re used to the non-frame we used to be stretched out through the frame and cut everything up the downside Of course you should lose some bed Yes your bed no longer works except your reserve frame All the right Chris This is what What wheels makes you so unique What we have done is called our Moto Metal Connector and this is 20 × 10 and the thing that is really unique about it is that we based on the bicycle chain you know motor sports and all that kind of stuff so it got a little link look for this The reason we called it was that big thing now with a calf V custom each wants to customize them so you can go ahead and take these out and the color match the car and that kind of thing fabtech has done and its a super dutty Ford is the color match this paint coat and that’s what people really want to see with their wheels they want to do something different and this design One wheel is really nothing there you know it’s similar to him now on the market these are complete oh yeah these are just you know hip hop you love some yeah baby bugs yeah we got a street lock you know a lot of people like this seems to most locks do not agree to So it gives you a look of a win lock without being so for orry about it you did not roll it Your truck oh ask yes this is positive i do not want to roll this thing so that the lyrics of interest only come from yes yes actually there are a few Allen screws here you can take it off then you disassemble all these parts until you are “able to contain them separately then You actually get them out of the back so you can remove them and match them with the color of your car we get a lot of people you know in red and blue on this you know what kind of different subjects the band on what they do with their cars, so if someone wants to have these wheels cost two words They go to it, you know that everything is available on our site On quiet quilted metal wheels you know I would say roughly 375 to 425 for this particular wheel but if you go to our website everything is easy MSRP there and everything is okay yeah thanks a lot every deal right boy of course course different leather wrap our leather seats With a tie in the middle and we went through all the pieces we painted and painted on demand, it is black but with copper chips, so it gives that accent that still exits the copper on the outside of the truck passing through it as well as doing the measurements handles here on the front All venting corridors are largely k For nothing with the speaker covering the speakers outside the lines Thanks a lot for watching TFL SEMA coverage if you want to see more wonderful cars just click there for another SEMA video and down there to subscribe as always this is roaming with sharkzilla saying see you next time On the Cao truck lane

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