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Thursday, September 13th, 2018 - GMC
2018 Gmc Hd New Release 2020 Gmc Terrain Gmc Sierra Hd All Terrain X Wallpapers O Oshenka Pictures Of 2018 Gmc Hd

So grandparents may wonder what the X package is all the terrain well it’s basically the Chevy Z71 package gives you bigger Rancho more cladding shocks under the body, then they put a bunch of parent things on it like a sports bar with this cool Sierra diagrams in those two lights you can Getting Side Steps You get total darkness Everything that makes this truck blacker than black is fine so here we are towards razor Yes this will be interested in this thing and that’s all because it can tear the bottom of any truck now of course this one own Pack X for all terrain As a fight under Sims, we’ll be about to get to L J rock on this important cook to help up this hill but the metal protects the important ingredients here come here increase the revenge to pay it directly over just one month what a really good thing i did not feel anything under my side is where death takes something there But yeah really okay Well this is the thing about clif fhang er means these sharp tapered rocks and if you insert on top of this you probably tear the DF tank right I mean look at the size of this thing look how look at it and fortunately you just just before that because the downside The other of this heavy heavy B heavy truck is that you can not see above the sink The big engine means you know you barely scan 10-20 feet but when you get close to that I had no idea that this rock was here [music] Two things happened on this trip I did not expect this trip to have faded on the mountain and did well on Shaving Curve The other thing is that looks totally adorable with this hat is fine and this is not what I was going for anything you were on our way to Butch and mangy like the truck well thanks to joining us as you can say it started with snow Colorado became what you know of skiing in Mecca so I think this may be one of the last fans we will be doing this year as da What Roman and Nathan say Thank you for W to see more news and reviews in the real world to come down before this time thing becomes a skateboard for some hot cocoa Nathan One is the most attractive GM trucks off-road Yes, a worthwhile truck on the off road too if it Made from GM, but here is a Sierra HD car with rugged terrain X, I would imagine that this is the most valuable heavy duty off-diesel truck that you can buy because the Power Wagon does not come with diesel, and we need to lift it to the top of the 2.0 course shelf Let’s do it before the snow starts [Music] – ahead of the rotation, which is an impressive torque, this is Duremax 6.6-liter was raised to six-speed transmission Allison with this much torque you will not have problems to climb this hill
But you might be clearing the ground for another issue oh Nathan Did you know you can get this truck with the Vortech six-liter gas engine but how much do you think this Duramax adds to the cost of this truck well if you including the transfer of about 10 grand dude that revolves around the money for the engine Diesel but you get something special when you get diesel display dies and it is a little small clip where the air that enters the truck performs if it has dirt or water in it is done here and then comes the flow from where the air goes there until even Nathan comes from here and goes there All this means of course Nathan watches your fingers watch out is that you get this child functional A gentle functional hood I would like to tell you that I love the look of this truck so I like these dirt tires Goodyear Wrangler which also comes as part of this kind of X all terrain package but of course because this is an HD truck they broadcast up to about 60 pounds per inch which Just won not do for ff in hanger right that 55 you will hear at least 25 lbs get this truck the best chance to make it all the way to the top all right here we go before the snow comes le and its lights on the heated seats on the steering wheel good It is on this is that I think most of the heavy-duty off-road trucks that combine diesel and diesel n M I can not do anything else outside the electric trolley This is capable of this well It’s so good It’s got got a big torque But I’m concerned about our land clearance Yes personally Nine points Six five inches That’s what GM says Earth Is removed on this car and this is because of this here the diesel exhaust tank tank tank is OK depth it is bigger than before because it has to put more deep fluid in the more powerful exhaust system this, yes, more materials are moving through it now, Insanity GM does not put the angles of getting in and out of this Nanny shape and the great thing nathan is different from many other GM cars they took out of this massive dam in the front, there is still a lot of nose that you should worry about though speaking honestly I do not know how much that diesel weight will affect us up this oh yeah It’s a huge heavy old power plant over there Yeah and so I dug this truck yesterday for about 650 miles Yeah and I fell somewhat in love with a look How I like the way I drive on the road I love the crazy amounts of torque And I was really curious to see how it would do off road

aThat’s why we took it here before the snow started to fall, we barely excel well, we do not even knock and it happens now but the only thing that bothers me about this truck is what tires and wheels are very small and very small without a doubt those openings you know need to Get the longest and longest wheels Yes the widest These are the 18 I put in the twenties and you can go in. Keeping the wheel size does not bother me tire size but I have bigger tires with more side wall so I can land more without worrying about blow flow but you know. End of the day that this hill will tell you whether these frames are from us Yes, so the question of course is the truth there is now usually in India to go so let’s go there no matter what you know but at the same time again I’m a little worried about clearing the ground on this thing all the guys right here are the really steep question and type From the rock but there is a sharp er and much more rocky I mean big rocks so the question is we do the truth or dare and nathan what do you think dare to vote to dare because this is the most mad at GM truck war too heavy so dare I know the difference guys I really worried Around there I think we got the moisture on a To the ground and if this was my truck I’d say yes dare all the way but this is not my truck and I just feel that I do not want to damage this truck so this is if, I understand that tank, I mean I know it is armored, but it is not high But we tried to go half way because the hardest part is at the top of there and if we see an issue we go back to it I’m worried about this but yes let’s give the right cheers and if we break it you call Kelly Nathan Of course Kelly is a GMC delegate and left We have this truck so I’ll do things and Andre Collier goes to the jinn Wow [Applause] So this is about the halfway point that it’s good you want you to support because this area will not work a little bit a little bit more Do not reach the tree Andre you’re doing well okay now come
Nice and easy you still have some great rocks here – do not stop doing good not good to get to Rome now i’m working wonderfully you know what this thing i have bigger frames more know more float top off the ground this thing will not have a problem doing this Because the back end is locked and does not just go t enough

2018 Gmc Hd New Release 2020 Gmc Terrain Gmc Sierra Hd All Terrain X Wallpapers O Oshenka Pictures Of 2018 Gmc Hd

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  • 2018 Gmc Hd New Release 2020 Gmc Terrain Gmc Sierra Hd All Terrain X Wallpapers O Oshenka Pictures Of 2018 Gmc Hd
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