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Thursday, September 13th, 2018 - GMC
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Owning an X package for all the terrain as a fight under Sims we will hopefully be getting to the rocks on this important to help the cook to advance this hill but the metal protects the important ingredients here come come avenging to move it straight in just one month what a really good thing i did I feel nothing under my side and it’s a place where death takes something there but yes really good so well that’s the thing about the cliffhanger I mean these sharp pointy rocks and if you roll on top of this it is likely to tear the DF tank right away, I mean look at the size This thing, see how it looks, and fortunately, you are just ahead of it, because the downside is now T for this big heavy truck B is that you can not see this big size hood means you know you barely barely scan 10 20 feet but when you get close to that I had no idea that this rock was here [music] Two things happened on this trip I did not expect one of these triples p faded d up the mountain and did well on razor bend the other thing is that you look quite adorable with this hat is ok and this is not what i was going for anything but i’m going to bucci and manly like a truck Well guys thanks for joining us As you can say it started with snow Colorado became famous for its skiing city, I think this may be one of the last fans we do this year as always with Roman and Nathan who thank us for watching the TfL truck.com for more news and real world reviews. Let’s go down before this thing turns into a skateboard time for some cocoa Hot Nathan One is the most attractive off-road truck in GM, yes, it will be a very low value truck if it’s GM, but from here, there’s a Sierra HD car with rugged terrain X, and I would imagine that this truck is the heaviest Off-road, with a diesel engine you can buy, of course, The Power Wagon does not come with diesel and we need to take it up Hanger Hanger 2.0 from C Let’s do it before it starts snow [Music] Do you think this thing puts 445 horsepower Do you think it puts 910 lb-ft of torque This is impressive and this is 6.6-liter Duramax up to six-speed Allison transmission with a lot of torque There will be no problems going up this hill but there may be a ground clearance Another issue, Nathan, Did you know that you can get this truck with a Vortech gas engine of 6 liters but How much do you think that this Duramax adds to the cost of this truck is good if you are including a transmission around 10 grand dudes T revolve around money for the diesel engine
But you get something special when you get a diesel display and it’s a little bit clog where the air that gets into the truck runs if it has dirt or water in it and then it flows out where the air is showing there Nathan comes from here and goes there I mean, of course Nathan watches your fingers watch out is that you get this wonderful functional baby scoop hood I have to tell you I love the look of this truck so I love this Goodyear Tires Wrangler dirt road which also comes as part of this kind of X pack for all terrain but of course because this truck High definition is broadcast to about 60 pounds per square inch, this is P A cat will never do for the right cliffhanger make it 55 ‘you will hear at least 25 lbs get this truck a better chance to make it all the way to the top all right here we go go before the snow comes for it and their lights on the steering wheel good on the pulse is Well this is to think that Mo Road off-road is worthy of the heavy truck that combines diesel and diesel Yeah I can not do anything else outside Power Wagon This is this well that it is able to get a great transmission but I’m worried about our land clearance Yeah
Personally nine points of five inches This is what General Motors says that ground clearance is on this car and this is because of this fluid here. Diesel tank exhaust tank Yankee Uncle Yes it is bigger than it was before more liquid depth in this stronger exhaust system Yes more materials that Moving through it Now here’s the crazy part GM does not list the angles of getting close to and leaving this truck, the great thing is Nathan unlike many other GM cars that drove it out of this huge dam in the front there is still a nose for concern though and honestly speaking I do not know how much The weight of this diesel will affect us ascent A this oh yeah it’s a big old heavy power station there yeah and so i drve this truck yesterday for about 650 miles yeah i’m kind of falling in love with it it looks like how i like the way you drive it on the road I love the crazy amounts of torque and you’re really curious to see How w should be done off-road and that’s why we took it here before it started to snow, we barely excel well, we do not knock yet, it’s happening now, but the only thing that distinguishes me from this truck is what tires and wheels are very small It is very small without a doubt those openings you know need to be harvested The longer and longer wheels the wider yes These are the 18 I put in the twenties and you can go in. Keeping the wheel size does not bother me Tires size is better I have bigger tires with more side wall so I can drop more without worrying about the flow of blows but you know. The end of the day that this hill will tell you whether these tires are suitable for this truck, the question of course is the truth there is now naturally okay on India to go so let’s go there no matter what you know but at the same time again I’m a little worried about clearing the ground On this thing all the right men here are the real question A steep cliff and a kind of rocky but there is a sharper and more rocky I mean big rocks so the question is we do the truth or dare and Nathan what do you think dare to vote to dare because this is more mad war ground General Motors heavy truck so dare I know I do not agree I worry Really from there I think we’ve got moisture on the ground and if this is my truck I’d say yes dare all the way but this is not my truck and I just feel I do not want to damage this truck so this is a bumper and then a mean bear bear I know it is armored but not so high How we tried there goes in the middle of the road because the most difficult part is at the top of there and if we witness a case we review it I’m worried about this but yes let’s give the right cheers and if we break it you call Kelly there will be things AndrĂ© Collier go south [ Applause] So this is about the halfway point that it’s good that they’ll have to make a backup because this area will not work a bit more Do not hit the Andre tree you’re doing well okay now come nice and easy You still have some big rocks here – do not stop doing good is not Good for Rome so far I work great know what this thing is Na ‘had bigger frames more You know more float above the ground This thing will not have a problem in doing because the back end is closing and do not go just the time is not enough grandparents so you can wonder what package X all the terrain plus it’s basically The Chevy Z71 package gives you the biggest shocks Rancho has more cladding under your body and then they put a bunch of mother things on it like a sports bar
With these cold charts in those two slices you can get sideways steps you get a total darkness everything that makes this truck blacker than black is fine so here we [music] towards the razor Yeah this will be interested in this thing all this because it Cooperat

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