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Tuesday, September 18th, 2018 - Honda
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In 2019 Honda Pilot check the players on the right you have the 2019 Honda Pilot and on the left you have 2018 immediately you will notice that Honda has reshaped the front and a bit of its kind, however, everything is really aesthetic as you can notice that you get these LED headlights on All the cutting levels are now very sweet, so you will get very bright lighting and will generally appear on the car as you will also notice that the grill has been redesigned. Also the chrome eye is more bold compared to 2018 next door directly where we got three chrome grills there are layers, Restructuring of other recipes, in addition to the nets Bottom. A little more to be fair This is a model on the right side, in fact the Touring Elite of 2019 has made the touring model available with chairs and chairs that have been used exclusively exclusively for elite elite now. The chairs are available in the only tour that is so wonderful again this elite pruning that look here in lunar silver metal what is nice still includes 20 inch metal wheels in 2018 s has a slightly different design on them let me know what i think what you think of style on These wheels do not give you a really bold look Speaking of them five are black with polished aluminum so the aluminum alloy looks really good then got a chrome dressing along the two sides kind of reminiscent of the new CRVs in terms of the tourist models that come out I’m not really sure if the IX cells are normal Of course you still have lights and a gol badge This is another area where they took the 2019 slightly differently where you will notice that the lights are of course compared to 2018 then the backboard skateboard plus you have got a black color on the 2018 model but once again there is no Comparing the two elite models Tha is still an elite model that provides you with one roof rails Honda has now incorporated also on the pilots is lifting your door free of hands This one just got out of the truck so not quite ready for me to show all these things but if you Want to watch the full display, the new features on this car If you do not run these notifications when you do it here, like men, I will definitely participate if I told you to get the elite captain’s chairs but now it’s available on a regular tour to get the captain’s chairs I have one and then if we can see you Do not get a panoramic sunroof on the elite so it does not change so there is no trim except the elite for rear entertainment It’s a bit different now Honda has incorporated some things made by Odyssey such as the modern cabin and the entire word system or modern cabin as well about how much more application you should Check that out of men You will get stuck but the display brings you back your sound butt I know it is a small thing Other manufacturers have volume buttons I tried Honda stay away for a short time but it came back to me I mean this is a welcome scene I’m very excited about the volume level button we offer you the wonderful audio handle Which offers you a 9-speed automatic tour plus I’m just trying to find other new things for 19 You still have your HDMI port You still have your plug-ins for your USB conditions and they got this also a nice elite model giving you ventilation seats B We will get more information for you p J pilots 2019 Honda but it is really nice to see one person very enthusiastic to show you more guys down the line again this is Edward from Honda Santa Maria again just want to do this quick video you this pilot of Honda 2019 just got out of one of Trucks We’ll start making inspections if this helps you in the end to leave your comments below, let me know what you think of my car I can not catch you guys later now

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