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Wednesday, September 26th, 2018 - Infiniti
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Now some people may say that this is part of the slimming Infiniti car, yet they are ready to advance against leading cars like the Acura MDX and the Audi Q7 now where you have had the opportunity to take a look.

The first time we have a 3.5-liter V6 engine is the only transmission option. The CVT system is automatic as the sedan options initially come with a front drive and an additional $ 14,000 gets 4WD as much as a modest horsepower at 265 6400 rpm 248 lb-ft of torque Acceleration at 4400 rpm Diameter 3500 pounds to match the miles Gal Gal Pi Get 18 in the city and 24 in the highway with front-wheel drive Get 18 in the city and 23 on the highway The four-wheel drive The base is about forty thousand six hundred and fifty dollars, while the four-wheel drive is a copy of ARB 10 , $ 000 can be just over $ 49,000, the Infiniti JX35 luxurious, feels comfortable inside, and can convince you of the materials out there to get a wide range of design excellence.

The center console unit is not limited to selection and of course the navigation function works effectively with the camera lens, as well as the rear collision system that works with four independent cameras around your car to ensure that when not exposed to the narrowest spaces are not susceptible to any kind of accidents after a series of experiments, We understand that the collision intervention system is correct, it is very easy to control the audio and video controls as well as emergency brake when necessary, but when it comes to brakes,

the car will brake to help you but then leave the car again allowing it to continue to rotate completely for the driver to control the Other brakes and the car at all times to avoid hitting any objects in other very large interior backgrounds Cranes are the second row of collapsible armrest with second row storage Multi-row with third row Easy access to the second folding grade Folding 60/40 In addition to folding row F or 50/50 division In the third row Finally, the Infiniti rear lift lost any money or time in the design using the JX35 car where you can see that the Infiniti is a typical car, but with a new design look even more in the front net and if you look at the badge, Front-directional, thought by the designers of Invein Yeti also people sitting in the third row of the JX35 I’ve created a movable roof plus two windows on the side of this particular row that allows a little hospitality in space does not feel like a gorge or SUV when it comes to the JX35 from the outside it is a superb SUV,

The truth is when you are inside and you are driving a small car fooled by the fact that the strength of 265 horsepower is still a little slow now you have different driving options where you can move from sport to the standard to the environment to snow to a slightly stronger sport than the timing is better environmentally if you Stuck in traffic, better not to Fuel economy Fumes and emissions driving a little more Snowy snow has not yet come to be questioned, but we have to take them during the winter earlier that the cranes come with a healthy dose of technology and this is very true when on the road,

My favorite is the command control system which is basically close to the car where it should stop. It helps you in braking. It releases a small brake that puts brakes down much faster than you usually do. It helps you do that. Walk on your feet like me, you close your eyes As for the road, the car is already Achterguetk and one of the final things that I enjoy is really interfering system in blind spots, especially if if you were not aware of the existence of a car on your side prevent you from making the change and maintain a large safety.

Despite its low power and amazing speed, the JX35 is still a great tool and offers good fuel numbers. The interior is luxurious, comfortable, stylish and refreshing from the outside with great security and technological features
I think this is a good competitor to fight the BMW X5 and the Lexus GX460 and for those who still want to be young with kids behind them,

this might be right for you

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