2020 infiniti q50 spesification

Saturday, September 15th, 2018 - Infiniti
The 2020 Infiniti Q50 Coupe Eau Rouge Redesign

With the crossover operations in America at the moment, it was possible to see endlessly trying to sell an 11-year-old car, and thankfully has been corrected with the completely new galleries of the number qx50 in the spring of 2018. At the exhibition Cars in Los Angeles 2017 This is the redesigned Q950 2019 to take an initial look at the previous version of the ex35, which was essentially a g35, a hatchback that did not look like an SUV at all. And sold well for Infiniti Although sales are starting to fade because the car has advanced in age and old age, you can see the design of the replacement of the new car completely Qx50 does not look like this old model that has a lot of traditional SUVs can see Many of the traditional Infiniti design elements here have the impact wave network in the middle of the network network. The Infiniti’s large logo featuring a radar sensor for the pro pilot helps adapt to cruises and all receivers will come standard measurements with full LED lamps with LED Which revolves around the headlight is a very handsome design that takes a lot of design signals that we see and which we have seen in the new crop of Mazda design products is not a bad car for the kind of simulated design now you can see this QX50 platform is all new This ride is now on the front-wheel drive platform Which has some elements that you share with some old Nissan and Infiniti qx50 and also remember that you were the rear-wheel drive that you helped with the interior package now you can still get with the four-wheel drive now the particular type that I show you these optional 20-inch wheels looks great Filled out of the wheels I really think I really like the cladding and the dark blue exterior color is now obviously this car is much larger than the old old The old qx50 or ex35 was much smaller compared to these other vehicles in this sector due to the chassis front hat I have been really capable of On making this car much more practical now look at the back of this qx50 it’s also very handsome I really look like it generally looks like a SCX version down from the qx60 and one that thinks Infiniti is one of the best sellers in the company expecting to become the best selling model in its lineup , And of course the tailgate is included Strong at most edges, Finney has already improved the capacity of the load where the ex35 was old so he had that rear chassis that he was dealing with this to space this is about 15 percent more than the space you look at is about 35 cubic feet of space with all the seats Which is up to 60 cubic feet and is suitable but you only have 50 cubic feet of space when you fold those seats back because because of its front structure, it has already improved this space, and this is actually more important for buyers in this part through The new hood qx50 This is where you are interested PIRA what is looking for the first variable engine drive pressure in the world variable or variable compression engine, and this is what is represented by VC turbo engine double turbine direct – Rotate the four-cylinder turbo makes 268 horsepower and 280 lb-ft of torque, a good number of the engine of this displacement

Now the variable pressure that this means is that the engine is able to change the pressure ratio of the engine on the move so that we can vary from 8 to 1 along the way up to 14 to 1 for efficiency approaching diesel consumption now Infinity alia announced its classification on 26th 26 with the system The total drive or 27 27 front wheel drive, where all the QX is manufactured in the 1950s to the next CVT Roenick conveyor, helping to improve the efficiency I know of you may not like the CVT idea I honestly was not really happy with the 7-speed cars so I would be very curious To get this on the road and its leadership when you reach the spring market inside qx50 Capricorn Also takes a much more different approach compared to the Qx30 is the smallest sister unlike that car which had a lot of mercedes parts sharing that is infinity and above all the door I thought it looked very nice when I closed it and I was really impressed with the overall design and quality I love sewing The dash on the top of the dash The bottom of the dash on the door panels so stretching here looks really nice and I also love this new shifter is the electronic switch here is controlled by the CVT it stitched with the skin here is real real aluminum wood the steering wall is also The same routing wall that I showed you at The new QX Q50 in Q6 does not have all the buttons here for technology to help the driver now Unfortunately you have two charters that I’m not sure about how I feel about it because you know I like the way it’s slightly different from the Q50 so much so that in the last row I just think that macro graphics like screen NAB Here is the eye navigation screen that we saw in other Nissan Infiniti products I think it is time to redesign it I mean it has been updated slowly because it does not look too big for me it still reminds me a lot of Nissan product especially here you still do not have Android Auto and apple cleplay I would like to see Infiniti ever that Guest is so special when you can get some Nissan products, so I do not understand their logic there with the pilot help pro that the new OS was checking that Nissan was presented on the paper and it is essentially independent from level 2 where this car will reach a complete station that will keep you Active in the driveway will follow the car in front of you and can predict the two types of car lengths much like what you showed in the Q50 I mean in general comfortable seats you have tremendous pain I love the interior design and you have a really nice view of the road and it also feels roomy here, Come to a completely new interface and this m It really needs Infiniti and even Acura to work hard but in general it’s a great place to spend time looking forward to pushing this car for red line reviews in 2017 if the auto show at Angie I’m from you

2020 Infiniti Q50 Red Sport

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