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2020 Jeep Trucknew Unlimited Build A Dakota Jt

You are smarter now than you were when you started this video, make sure to spend a wonderful day we’ll see you next time what happens with the players, my name is Brandon Hill on your Jeep information, and today we’ll be on the computer and we’ll take a look at all the new products that Jeep will offer In the next four years, yes include a Jeep so let’s go ahead and start now at first talking about trailhawk which obviously will remain good for Cherokee and Grand Cherokee I think it would be nice to incorporate this with Wrangler perhaps like the departure of Jeep Wrangler Rubicon which would be very impressive I think they are after So talking about a track stop is sure to keep $ 100,000 and Jeep Grand Cherokee that got 707 horsepower do not get rid of this thing any time soon, does not seem like a brand new version of the first quarter in 2020, Jeep Cherokee Desert, cool here I love This, this neat I can see how you can integrate this stop in the desert with Wrangler is also fine so this is where you start to get attention so make sure you wrap around the power options available across each panel by 2021 and basically what this means Is that all pocket products will have an option available for a particular type of electricity, so if we are We’re talking about the Jeep Wrangler we have two three six we have our 2 liters diesel and then we’ll have some kind of electricity option that will probably be hybrid in plug-in, so here’s an overview of what we’re preparing to talk about Grand Wagoneer that brings back eight hybrid vehicles along with the third level of The independence you know here Jeep thinks that by 2022 they will have one car of 12 SUVs on the road will be a jeep and then sometime in the future one in five of the 20% of the Jeep SUV population will now look very strong but that’s how we’ll do it here RST off Let’s take a look at the left side of this page says Global Then i got abbcde if ok this is the size of the car every second grade now more than the current actual lineup which pocket now so if you look here in section D you see a great leader and this is something we have not seen here in North America this is the only china now this has been released Just last month in May in China he had a nine-speed Ltran and anywhere from thirty thousand to fifty thousand dollars for this great commander now I have not heard yet when the great leader is expected to come to North America or even come to North America so we will wait for that Now see if I take a look here in the fourth column, S. You will see the car of the size that will be equipped with a hybrid electric vehicle only electric, or automatic know it, and this is what you have to look on the left and see and that has what began at the top of the third row by 2022, it seems that some small vehicles The smaller of those published will be only hybrid

Now the next is the redesigned new dissident, it will be a self-contained, autonomous hybrid component at some time in the C size class. It looks like we will get a refurbished compass that will offer a hybrid combination option along with the electric and completely independent now if we are on our way from You can see here that Wrangler chose to have the hybrid option in the plug-in as a full electric option along with an automatic feature so that Wrangler will get five different options from the 3.6 liter turbocharged 2.0 liter engine and 3 hybrid diesel engines Electrical then electrical device F. Fully x It becomes like a lot of different options so I would like to know which one you want to buy I’ll leave a poll here at the top right corner Make your choice of which you want to buy it in the future Now go to section D Looks like we get the new Cherokee Now they just updated the Cherokee and 2019 Wai There is a small embellishment process on the headlights and some internal features, but this seems to be new now, and there is also a third low way now I’m not sure the third low grade which means that the Lodi is the size of the car but the third drop row I do not know if this is the name The car or it just gonna do not know that J I do not know is interesting so we got that great leader we talked about previously if it would be in North America or I’m not sure I’ll say that considering this truck and all the Jeeps that everyone is waiting for, you’re waiting for it, “I say that the Jeep truck is okay. I do not know whether they will call it a creature or what they will do. But it says that the Jeep will have the option of hybrid hybrid and full electric option. This is fantastic. I do not know if this is good or bad just this I just The ink is really neat they provide that I’m sure they will not just have plug-in hybrids and electricity and obviously will probably work gas and diesel for that pocket truck also now moving down to the electronic section that shows Grand Cherokee now covered with an empty type, so I suppose it will be A new redesign of the Jeep Grand Cherokee II, and then this is the third class of category “E” they announced that it would somehow be our third row Grand Cherokee, so I suppose that’s what will happen now, the Grand Cherokee will have the full electric option only the option of delivery The hybrid now moves to the F section Long awaited for wagon air and Grand Wagoneer are glad to see those who are returning this will gonna be a very big car bigger than Jeep Grand Cherokee so it would be interesting that it would not be great just i will have a great price on it – i m sure so do not look like it will work Lee Kuo full electric only hybrid option plug-in is fine so all this talk about automatic vehicles let’s go over it real fast to know only the second short level is what we currently have in the Jeep Grand Cherokee with the familiar with the adjustment flight control hands in the eyes Essentially it can speed up and slow down the essel at the same time Lee, who is your hands away from the steering wheel away from the steering wheel, but you can take it any time you want now
This is you know the acceleration and slow down and change the tracks automatically, so place the turn signal, and if there is room to leave, it will be finished by itself now, and is expected to see this type of technology until 2020 and 2021 now if you take a look at level 4 this is it Very pretty brave here now we will not see this until you know at least another five years at least 2023 to 2025 is the level of focus and mind off the full automatic driving is very interesting while under limited conditions okay this is a little scary to many people I understand why you know I drive Car also so this is this strange person how this will go Z down personally and I think we will see this in other manufacturers first before seeing it in the pocket now just this my opinion but we have already known that Tesla is already a fairly advanced level of everyone as it is now if you do not hear just the other day Chrysler and Google you know added 60 – I think this is 62,000 more than a small Pacifica Chrysler to its fleet of independent cars so no driver at all and this video is walking on the road just got 62,000 of these things gonna work on the road soon just drive around collecting data about How do you know if youngink about it really is really crazy it’s exciting to not Exactly but you know what you know is the world that comes to that we do not even this is to know what they offer a jeep for the next five years, I hope to give you this more insight on what is coming near future to a jeep thank you very much to watch appreciate all yo

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