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Saturday, September 15th, 2018 - Kia
2020 Kia Telluridecaptain Seats 2016 Old Where Does

I just saw a new Fiat behind me and I saw this leather used in leather straps we get zoom in but it’s one of the nicest rims cars I’m a huge fan of rims I know it’s such a collective effort between everyone and Brandon and Kia which is a great car so I’m excited to be Part of this beautiful experience that people will come out through all these cars that I know is Brandon is so huge for him that they are able to respond to his community especially in Texas so I know he told us that all this is being donated and this is really nice for us especially as models to be able to To do our job I’m going to do something that matters to us too so here is very cool and Brandon is one of my favorite people in the world so I can support him on anything amazing. His family was here and we were all crying so it was always a great experience. It’s always a very emotional show. A whole set of Texas I was the inspiration for this group started in the desert in Marva, Texas took some time after collecting the last full team quotes to Texas and we set up in the desert there for over a month and I do not know the Sun and stars group that’s what I think it did for me What kind of partnership did you support? D It must be honest, authentic and correct This group was embodied in my experience that I grew up and live in Texas and when I thought about how to imagine it in the exhibition space and what kind of products I wanted to come with so I thought about what my childhood was and I was leading to school every day And Akia by Mom and one of the basic things that I think is the brand of Kia is also education and education support and the thing I took away from the market trip is that you can not just go somewhere and take them you’ll also have to think about returning it and the day you left Marfa we really had D ee ide as a team what we would be b To get back to the community what happened when we spoke with the mayor there and told us that the technology was not up-to-date and that it was missing within the school system as well as the teachers did not have cars to reach the nearest desert city to keep up with her testimony. I worked with Kia more than a year ago, The key to her brand, so I contacted her and it took about 30 seconds and they agreed to make a big donation to the school system in Marfa as well as to donate cars but the idea came when we met Brendan Maxwell about a year ago, where he was checking our strength, Which In Kia Sedona when he was a little kid and wanted to do something with the theme of cars at the same time for his fashion and even here we think that precious fashion can meet precious metals one day so this is the first time we deal with this, we will reveal more Which we will do. This is the first time we have unveiled this special car to navigate as you can see behind me, so stay tuned for more with Brandon. Enjoy it and we love to work with the original and humble beginnings of people like himself who has risen all the way to become such a star in fashion is no different from his own way of life and has come a long way to become quality and stunning design see my back so stay tuned for more love Fashion and Fashion The beautiful gear out there is the new Telluride

2020 Kia Telluridekia Suv Luxury Infinity Borrego Telluride

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