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Range Rover Hse2016 New Who Makes White Vs

In-Vehicle Quality The system condenses moisture from cab air and divides it into electrically charged particles that interact with air pollutants to neutralize allergens and water-sensitive substances.

The particles last longer and diverge more than those resulting from the conventional ionizer, making them more efficient to maintain the atmosphere. Convenient for the cab for a longer period and improved effort of the solar system to close the feeling of comfort and luxury within the blind automatically when the car is closed in its previous position when the driver returns to the constant temperature, the light was redesigned operator functions by focusing more on the Range Rover, From work and relaxation.

The rear seats of the executive layer currently provide a 40 degree electric tilt to provide maximum comfort for passengers.

Can also be folded to increase the capacity of the loading space A. Replace the touch of a button The fifth seat with a backlit keyboard Transforms the environment into a rear executive layer to form the seat while the front passenger seat is automatically folded to provide more foot space if necessary with a comfortable heating unit Control AB can be controlled In cooling functions and massage hot stone from your smartphone.

Aluminum light structure all support Roo Range? T is new and unmatched. An impressive range of six different sets of engines has been optimized to meet all the electric hybrids of the “Ground Floor” vehicle. Is a new and exciting chapter in the history of the knee with a Range Rover ride and combined emissions of 64 g / km of PFP 400, featuring a 2 liter engine and efficient gasoline with an 85 kW electric motor

PS-4 eng eng 3-liter The impressive 8-liter V8 engine or the smooth performance of diesel engines ranging from 3 liters of TDI 6 to dramatic performance on the 2.4-liter, all this Range Rover is the most capable of all, but Astj Terrain to adjust the composition to suit With terrain requirements by automatic selection for the placement of one of the five driving modes, the driver can also select the driver’s specific dynamic mode for suspension to increase handling, sharp responses or environmental status where the system encourages the most effective driving style 400 H is a new chapter In the history of the Range Rover, a harmonious and luxurious trip to us with possibility Use the Range Rover? T with impressive vehicle emissions of 64 grams per kilometer [Music] But the option of charging at home or in public places identified as a comfortable Range Rover is like a stunningly stunning home and is supported by a general control application in Land Rover deliveries allowing the driver to use a smartphone to verify From basic information such as charging levels and charging times, the gasoline engine and the electric motor work together.

You can produce a built-in PS40 output that provides the drive you do not need, which you expect from a Range Rover in parallel mixed mode.

The driver can choose between settings to improve the efficiency of Start LAC Fuel or recharge the battery for later use or when the vehicle is operating as a purely electric vehicle with a range of up to 51 km, the system automatically returns to the gasoline engine if the driver needs to speed up the guard? T I was Range Rover, two words synonymous with absolute luxury competitiveness and incomparable ability.

Tuning T to recreate the Range Rover we simply made

The quiet cover of the car offers a more elegant look and sophistication, while the new network shows the remarkable attention to detail inside the Range Rover? The new T is the embodiment of advanced travel technologies from the executive class with the best of British craft and rugs solutions.

Our luxury cabins have ever produced a new media system with a dual axial touch, an elegant hub for the advanced cab.

The wider and deeper seats have been expanded to create an unrivaled level of comfort in the long wheelbase with an additional 186 mm of passengers and rear passengers.

The elegant and stylish headlight experience enhances the driving position of the Range Rover? The new efficiency is higher than the rear of the new LED backlight. The new Rovers looks stylish and excellent and enhances the IC car icon. The new Range Rover Touch Pro 2 design.

The elegant and sleek entertainment system features a 10-inch touch screen and the upper screen is the information and entertainment center, while the screen includes climate controls and direct inputs to the seating settings. [Music] Entertainment in the back seat The system allows passengers to access multimedia entertainment using a high-definition touchscreen 10.2 inches offer a unique level of interaction for each new LED product for the LED interface, which consists of 144 LED lighting systems that respond to many lighting sources The system can shade four Sections at the same time that shines forward without the terrible traffic to move at a higher speed.

The optional complementary laser beam enhances the vision more than 500 meters forward, thus increasing the safety of the new car.

The Range Rover features an impressive level of integrated communications in principle and practice. Secure 4G Wi-Fi supports up to eight devices at the same time plus multiple charging points to keep you connected and fully charged wherever you go. The Music Connect Pro allows you to connect your car via your mobile phone wherever you are from the car to lock, open the door, or plan and door to door transportation

The second generation of the Range Rover offers the largest full-color image Basic information for drivers in the line of sight The wheel uses keys Sophisticated multi-function operation even hidden power switches to give the driver control in engine functions, the 13-inch full-color TFT display has four different layouts that can be designed to suit driver preferences and provide the basic information needed for the R-Rover T-wrist wristband. Waterproof wrist strap Durable allows the user to unlock and unlock the car without having to carry the FOB key ? The new cocoon in the new 6 mm glass.

The new Range Rover makes the new sedan a new sedan and enables passengers to enjoy first-class flights using cabin cabin cabin.

Range Rover Hse2016 New Who Makes White Vs

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