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Saturday, September 15th, 2018 - Subaru
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The cup holders in the armrests in the rear doors and the rear console console adore the passenger experience and have 493 liters of good for this class, although the interior design of the car has also begun to feel sure it can be done so far but there are other options that offer more modern designs prides itself Subaru safety and five-star defenses and trophy classification is another confirmation that comes with a traction control at the top of the active torque. Electronic Camera Parking Parking Brakes Monitor Blindness Wheel Path Rear View Assist Traffic Adjustment Adjustment Front Adjustment Control Hot-Leak Warning Adaptive Warning Warning Safety Beam Warm Driving Warning Start Car Pre-Alert Preheat Braking System Choke Management, Brake and Heating Brakes More Liberty Help Dangerously close to being an old but still a family car big enough with a wonderful work environment It started with a nice indoor rate of over 34,000 and managed to make their way to 48,000 at the top of the line with the largest engine some freedom promoted The latest fonts should include comfort and better guidance and maybe the lure engines but on all other fronts, Liberty is a good machine Thanks again for watching the cartel tv and do not forget to want to sign up if you are in the market for freedom, so why not if you are looking for You are watching the latest Subaru Liberty in 3.6 Art Art Car Scissors Liberty is a Subaru sedan that offers great safety features and a gg wheel for running 2014 really need a completely new model to come out soon. If we lift the Murray we will continue to follow this part, so let’s see what updates on the headlights models this year, now the LED lights and adaptable LED grills are also new side mirrors redesigned with LED indicators, but more when I move the rear of the wheel than These changes over the past year mean that they are a medium sized sedan with some aggressive features such as this carved cover and slanting on the front side are also visually comfortable with a beautiful door line and 18 inch alloy while these large back lights take some taste not, but For me the design has a count D Few flies and camry. Not bad but I have to say it will look like soon

It looks pretty old for its time, but I’m ready for new engine options that include the 2.5 and 3.6 liter boxer boxers but unfortunately both are associated with the CVT gearbox which I have here is the biggest 3.6-liter block and produces a respectable 191 kW and 350 Nm torque but also No forced induction which offers fantastic linear acceleration but also requires more cycles to reach the higher numbers. When I say more ribs I mean 6000 for upper strength and 4400 remember that new side mirrors have been well designed instead of designed. Subaru says the new design greatly reduces the noise of the air now, and these mirrors are remarkably close to windows that are sure to reduce air noise and reduce wind noise. Also means that the sound of the road is more obvious that it feels like the freedom falls behind some outstanding models in this respect respect Other novels in freedom include a number of light changes that add to the marked difference in leadership now being said to have been changed to create a more linear feeling I can not I say I notice a big difference in this regard but it gives a great feeling that it balances directly and gives reassuring reactions so Liberty has also got to modify the comment on what many people seem to have complained about the ceremony so far Subaru has made it significantly lighter and yes it is more comfortable now but I lost some sharpness and control As in Outback, CBT has a simulation of transitions to make it closer to the conventional automatic torque converter but the continuous CVT nature still exists as you know me I just find the CVT take away from the driving feel on the other hand it’s fantastic Smooth and efficient and this one – now it will be a matter of driver and preference but not only pushed remote areas and this one bc to ac ck I must say that Liberty had a much better fuel consumption response official for the third three point nine nine liters per 100 kilometers we all know That claims The factory is optimistic to put it nicely but this point is really very close to the stated values ‚Äč‚ÄčLiberty also shares the ability to pull in remote 1500 kg This is always impressive in the grip of a medium sized sedan has never been a problem for Subaru and freedom is the same symmetrical engine Active gives the reassuring control at home The changes are more obvious This face of premium premium offering filled with material upgrades and they are already familiar minimalist but elegant black piano design details and stitching the exposed dashboard gives it a really nice feeling this level gets 8 inches in info The screen with carless apples and carolina cars is also just like the remote areas I checked last week. Freedom also has these small screens. It’s a great feature. I was surprised to see the directory standing above the screen now if the opposite is the top and your eyes will be closer to the road though From being in a comfortable position at a higher angle may expose it to the sun and that will obstruct the vision so I think it is a good choice of back designers gets a large space for the feet and the same height room material is nice Two USB ports

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