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Tuesday, September 18th, 2018 - Subaru
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20:20 Soberu WRX STI 2020 Soberu WRX STI 2020 Concept Sapporo WRX STI hatchback New Cars Welcome to our car This time we will share information about the latest Subaru cars The title of the article we are taking is 2020 Subro WRX STI 2020 Subaru WRX STI concept 2020 Saburo WRX STI hatchback new cars by dawn We will try to discuss this car ranging from the concepts of revision Redesigning the internal external rims Changing the colors of the engine Pictures Release date as well as translation prices Read and wish you enjoy then we will return here 2020 Subaru WRX STI 2020 Subaru WRX STI 2020 Subaru WRX STI hatchback Cars New by 2020 the new Sueberu WRX STI must develop a new generation of WR X with the STI badge on A small sport slide and give the price of the company the coming years Volkswagen Golf R and Ford Focus RS Big competition for Subaru moves changes that lead to a lighter and more flexible platform with the latest Ox Ox Otricio R design 2020 Subaru RX engine design STI and record compressed version date Strongly introduced in 2020 shows excellent sales Subaru WRX STI inside the American market it was the right design and then expect to say again painted in the blue community assembly of the traditional 18-inch wheels next to the new World 2020 system will include the Soperu WRX STI Ma less than Inch and 1/2 the largest size and length can be for the EGD site Inspiration to see the headlights of the problem and LED technology While the LED strips on the bumper angles in the sockets replace the electric bulbs fog lamps are out of the range and use the same lower entrance as the high black grid that has a side grill beside the exception badge can be implemented front end with hood lines sinewy and Spoiler mirror The front lip of the road that is seen from your back allows a cubic appearance and is very much like a coupe with a wing connected to the interior design box. 2020 Sueru WRX S TI engine desig n Price and version structure Impreza has a distinctive look and sophisticated technology. Information and entertainment will have greater dimensions and greater comfort. This will enhance seat support on the seat and possibly include Alcantara to give you a new experience in 2020. Subaru WRX STI Kevin As you can see from the black cover on the seats, the leather while the sport pedals get a rubber insert between the speedometer and please kindly locate the driver information From information along the center of the 8-inch touch screen with the Stalic Satellite system Satio satellite navigation system and the connection to the performance engine New 2020 engine design price S ueru WRX STI The release date is the biggest criticism that these automotive concerns lack serious changes under the hood over the 12 years Yeh, is known as the engine cylinder 2.5-liter with 300 horsepower, carrying some of the barns of the boiled tail to the same performance that the new generation must submit you a personal characteristic already have syphilis before you remember all of the permits provided by Subaru’s 2.0-liter under the Impreza cover that. But for the WRX STI, there is speculation about the hybrid system published by the Australian newsletter that Subaru plans to create a combination of electric motor and turbocharged 2.0L for the engine planted in a dual-clutch automatic transmission with a full-speed 6-speed hybrid system that is 322 horsepower and includes more consumption From 35 miles per gallon. This tail is actually available for verification as the company is already using the Boxer engine with an electric motor and a CVT under the Impreza sport hybrid hood for the local Japanese market and the release date 2020 Sueber WRX STI engine design date and the date of the Sibler RTS using this sport sedan Is an exceptionally registered sales in the US market but improving competition is forcing the continuous price improvement currently around 35,000 US units with a hybrid transport engine that can be achieved with excellent material lending and the latest IT entertainment should be very close to the new price of $ 40,000 American

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