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so many of you probably know if you are a tech lover at all I’ve seen this before there was a Tesla event and this was for the opening mostly as we all know the truck, until we got to the end First look,

you know that Elon came out on stage driving one of the thing looks as if there are two copies of it come in a kind of dark gray space one big one small 500 mile version range 0-60 in five seconds when there is a load A or zero To 60 in 20 seconds with a load of 80,000 pounds something will be shipped to 400 mee for half an hour he has a center I think I’m not a truck driver, so maybe I will not be sitting in one of those that was the main story of the event,

the lights dimmed and then they returned there Music and that kind of thing became one more Tesla pull Another thing from the back of one of the trailers attached to the Tesla truck was the recycling of the new Tesla Roadster 2.0 car that we all knew would eventually come but we did not know that Tesla did not have much reputation when the original car came out which was the policy was the door Two-door lotus but with electricity from the engines and duck The Tesla Riat was a kind of strange Frankenstein hybrid car is not the most practical thing is no longer comfortable but the boy was that slender thing and what I heard was very fun to drive but it does not increase the usual way S’s do not have one of their leading cars with problems that have not sold a lot of a few hundred Or a few thousand sold,

there were rumors there were rumors that they had been brought there maybe there would be a Roadster 2.0 There were some tweets in Elon here and there are some hints of Tesla but we did not actually see anything until last night until they rolled over that thing of the truck and appeared in the destination Incredibly unbelievable theorem She looked wonderful like Tesla and lots of roads and lots of curves,

but she had signs from other signs of Aston Martin’s Porsche, got some McLaren lines, told us about the new car and then gave us the specifications. I am a special person.

I love the numbers but there are not a lot of spec sheets that can make me suffer a little bit of talking mainly from someone driving and owning the P100D for some time the paper contains ridiculous specifications in its own sheets Specifications of a new aircraft from 0 to 60 miles in 1.9 seconds 1.9 Seconds from 0 to 100 mph in 4.2 seconds will run out a quarter of a mile in eight eight eight or eight points Nine seconds I saw each of their positions in quarter quarter quarter mile at a maximum speed of 250 miles per hour, and this will come from a 200 kW / An hour mounted on the ground, so the P100D dual engine has a three-wheel drive for two wheels Rear and front wheels. Operates at 620 miles of 621 miles per charge,

so the huge battery will not make you achieve the great performance of the engine. In the long term, however, the first electric car will be more than 1000 kilometers on charge, is the list of things he said only if you look at the car and hear these numbers, it’s like super regions, meaningless when you look at every other car produced, We’re busy with numbers around you, you know, it’s just a straight-line race, like the other cars you’ll catch in the end. $ 100 million Supercars When we compare these two companies continuously we will receive them in the end but this does not seem to be captured as soon as this car is basically captured such as the P 200 T in a way like the Apollo P 100 D drive a dual 100 kWh battery, This list is a 200 kilowatt-hour battery and a three-speed 200-t drive to reach this point. If the jaw is a bit on the ground,

where you see this clearly a lot of comparisons, of course we love the comparison of Tesla and super-dollar cars worth $ 1 million Already from these cars on the list The fastest growing cars from zero to 60 days like 2.5 seconds are probably four points of which 2.7 to four are Tesla Roadster on the coming and going 1.9

Is disgusting and there are actually some videos of the event there was some horse riding test will show you guys but their actual launch from inside the car is incredible amazing views i can not wait to see people doing such a test gopro test we just sit with the passengers and they have GoPro here and here they do it Launch from zero to 60 to see a reaction Can not wait me frankly I do not think I did not think I noticed a difference to my people One does not understand me Indigo knows the difference there is a reason for this one is plaid Oh my God kind of wondering if you Follow this car like you’ve died to friends about bringing Like Tesla to a track and in fact you know P 100 d race against other cars This car is limited electronically at 155 miles per hour but you can go very fast for a long time before the battery starts to heat up and it actually limits your performance and does not want you to do it for a while A very long time though to be a crazy character although this car does not work from 0 to 60 in 2.4,

but you will not race on this track for as long as traditional cars

I mean, it’s a four-door sedan. That’s another reason, but I’m still wondering how cooling will look like in this 200-kilowatt battery.
When can you get this crazy performance? You can actually go 200 mph for a while before you can “watch” this car and beat a lot of others.

I want to see what is the dynamic direction with him I do not know that I have a lot of questions but there is one thing I did not mention cars in 2020, Tesla Roadster 2.0 will climb in 2020, the basic model series is basically like what I said I do not know how to postpone the numbers Or the difference between the two but that’s what they said would be a car worth $ 200,000 and that means they still part of the car price of $ 1 million, compared with that, but the chain will be 250 thousand, there will be only a thousand of them there is a reservation button on their site and try The reel is hard pressed but you can now book it for 2020 but there are plenty of it Which I still have a lot of reasons that may make you not get this car like the fact that I have just seen outside for example they offered to Eylon’s trunk to help tons of storage on the stage but do not show on the trunk front or rear trunk also said it It has four seats so there are two doors on the front and you will see two front seats but there are also two very small seats in the rear road type Some other sports cars are four seats You probably do not want people in the back all the time but also convertible up back glass To the trunk of the car, how The trunk is really great, I think it will be your autopilot but not mentioned or talked about having some other small things like I still have questions about this car,

but 2020 can be such a light I’m not talking about Lot I’m this P 100 car D Apollo car rental which means I will return it and I am the kind I see Tesla as a technique in this way so they offered a lease for two years so I can return this technique to them and they will continue to develop other techniques I can pick up later when I give this part of my plan and sh because I grabbed it R Apollo At the end of 2019 Roadster 2.0 2020 is the only person that works 2.0 is the u E is another more than zero to see him quickly 0-100 speeds of up to 250 miles per hour,

you can not argue with her and I think I finished everything I had to say Tell me what you think it should be believed that it is likely to do

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