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Thirteen years ago, a man named Alon Mosk founded the company and developed a master plan to move the automobile industry to a new level.

One of the masterpieces of the company is the Tesla Model X, a full-size electric 4WD car based on the content of battery power that can be transmitted from 237 to 295 miles each shipment gets a price ranging from eighty thousand five hundred dollars to one hundred and forty thousand since 2015 was the car The only sport in the sports market but now the worldwide automotive industry make their cars more fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly Today we will talk about seven cars The four-wheel drive will be launched in 2018 and 19 at the same time Jaguar X model Jaguar first competition and the first pace is Jaguars electric car The first five-seater multi-purpose seats will be on sale in the second half of 2018. Participated in the Formula E races and designers to gain the necessary experience.

Jaguar offers the first luxury electric car to a road car with a high-tech package and has a futuristic design and innovative aluminum architecture, Jaguar.

The production vehicle may vary in final design and end details for electric motors, four-wheel drive and aerodynamics. The design enables the car to run from zero to 60 mph in about four seconds and achieve more than 220 miles of range on a single load size, really spacing the eye distances with a luxurious seating room for rear seat passengers, running Jaguar on the prototype test on the road, as well as during Snow before the final production car is priced less than $ 100,000, and you can reserve one flapping now all Quattro howdy plans run by the launch of its own sports car class in late 2018 called the e-tron Quattro with spaciousness and comfort sports high-performance sports .

The performance is ideal for long family trips, three electric motors in one front and two on the rear with 320 kW output power up to 370 kW in booster mode, allowing the vehicle to reach 60 mph in 4.5 seconds, the lithium ion will provide 95 kWh Effective range of approximately 270 miles per shipment. Wireless charging technology and solar roof for additional electrical power Reservations are available for some European countries and buyers can secure their points for $ 2,700.

Aldi also plans to launch its new SUV under the e-tron brand called e-tron, and is expected to buy this type of car in 2019. It is expected to share similar performance with the Quattro model, but in behavior A 4WD vehicle with a CCW 150 kW can be used, which means that it can achieve more than 80% or 200 miles of freight in half an hour. Howdy says that the production versions of their SUV will not differ significantly from the concepts disclosed. We will say that these bends will be launched by the EQC Mercedes r The first multi-purpose sports car in 2019, called EQC, will be the first generation car of the new generation of the EQ family. The new generation of vehicles will be based on a multi-component mix of steel and carbon fiber.

EQC is equipped with two front and rear electric motors with a total output of 300 kW, helping the car reach 60 mph in less than 5 seconds with a total battery capacity of 70 kWh and is expected to provide a true range of about 250 Miles per charge The company began testing the prototype on the streets before final production, and is expected to be priced at about $ 45,000. The new Chinese “New Century” that surprised the world by Superc Electric has officially unveiled its first production car called Will Be Sold in 2018 , And the ES 8 is a fully functional and fully functional SUV. Officially available to China market before reaching the United States.

In 2020, driven by two electric motors with a total output of 480 kW, it is capable of reaching 60 mph in 4.4 seconds.

The carrier is expected to provide 70 kW Li-Ion battery in the real world over 180 miles per charge Equipped with advanced self-driving assistant system Artificial intelligence Artificial intelligence does not always acquire information, driver and passengers learn their own interests to meet their needs. e s8 at a starting price of $ 68,000, taking into account that the Tesla model starts at $ 127,000 in China, and the car may launch a serious X-style competition here. Niro evey Kia unveiled the second generation of its electric cars fully at the CES 2019 event, and the Niro Eevee is a fully integrated 4WD electric car.

A new safety system that offers a 150 kW electric motor with a capacity of 64 kWh is a range of 238 meters on a single, safe and advanced cargo that uses ty features such as active pedestrian warning system and front cameras to identify pedestrians and cyclists who walk in front of the car and alert visually and loudly here, Amazon Web Services with facial and audio recognition system to adjust the settings automatically according to the preferences of the drivers here, knowing that the car will enter production in late 2018 and is expected to be priced at thirty nine thousand dollars full power in 2019 CES, Production in 2019. ” Buyten “is a luxury mid-size SUV that combines the features of the new generation of smart devices such as smart navigation and self-travel with a huge display screen with 5g connectivity and a sophisticated automatic learning system to provide many options for many entertainment and entertainment programs Best passenger preferences by connecting all data Application and licensing devices Through the steering wheel-based dashboard,

the driver can control and adjust cabin settings. Buyten offers two power generation options for production, while the base model comes with a 200 kW individual engine powered by a 71 kWh battery that can provide 250 miles of range per charge.

It is very close to the X version with a battery capacity of up to $ 45 thousand that will be assembled by electric car manufacturers together to build a flash charging structure all over the world so that all electric cars can be shipped to Tesla,

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