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New 2020 Tesla Roadster Rear Hd Photos

The actual launch of the inside of the car Incredible reactions Incredible views I can not wait to see people doing such a reaction GoPro reaction We just sit with the passenger and they have GoPro here and here they do it Launch from zero to 60 to see Reaction Can not wait for me I also honestly did not think I did not notice a difference to my people be one does not understand me Indigo knows the difference there is a reason for this one called Fadel Oh my god I kind of wonder if you can track this car like I talked with friends about bringing like Tesla to a track in Actually you know the P 100 D race against other cars This car is electronically limited to 155 Miles but you can just go so fast that long before the battery starts and the battery actually limits your performance and does not want you to do so for a very long time even though it’s a crazy performance although this car does not 0 to 60 2.4 you will not really race on a track for a very ong against like a traditional supercar I mean it’s also a four-door sedan this is another reason but still have to wonder what cooling will be in this 200 kW battery you can get this crazy performance can actually go 200 Mile per hour for some time before you wear you can actually track this car and beat over Z a lot of others I want to see what is the kinetic direction with it I do not know I have a lot of questions but one thing I am a little haven that these cars will be released in 2020 You will receive a car Tesla Roadster 2.0 in 2020, there will be a copy of the founders, Basic, like what I said, I do not know how the numbers will be delayed or what will be the difference between the two, but that’s what he said would be a car worth $ 200,000 and that means that it is still part of the price of the car million dollars and compare them

But the founder chain will be 250 thousand and there will be only a thousand of them. Now there is a backup button on their site and they are trying hard not to press it but you can book it now to get it in 2020 but there are lots of other questions I still have a lot of reasons why you may not get This car is like the fact that I just saw outside. For example, they did not show that the trunk Elon said a ton of storage on stage but did not show the front trunk or rear trunk. I also said it has four seats so there are two doors in front and you will see the two seats but there are also two seats Very small in the back type of the way they are Here are some other sports cars you probably do not want people in the back all the time but then also convertible so the top glass returns to the trunk too big the trunk can really think that it will have an autopilot but has not been mentioned or talked about there is a couple of lighting Things like I still have questions about this car but then again 2020 By then like this can be a sick thing I do not talk about much is this car P 100 D Apollo I was a rented car which means I will return it and I have looked at a kind of Tesla as a piece of technology this way so the fact that they offered a mind D rent for two years where I can give this technology back to them and they will continue to develop other technology that I can choose later when Iave this back was part of my plan and it turned out that the Apollo lease has ended at the end of 2019 and the Roadster 2.0 2020 hmm But this roasted guy 2.0 is another thing that is zero to zero extreme just to see that fast 0 – 100 at speeds up to 250 miles per hour You can not argue with it and I think I’m done and I think that’s all I had to say Tell me what you think I should I guess I think it’s probably mkbhd guys here let’s talk about this cock – so last night as a Many of you might know if you were each time I had seen these before there was a Tesla event and this one was for the opening mostly as we all knew of a semi-truck so we finally got our first look at it so you knew Elon rolled up on the stage of leadership One came out of something looks like there are two copies of it comes in a kind of space dark gray version one big one small 500 mile range 0-60 in five seconds when there is no load or zero to 60 in 20 seconds with a load of 80000 pounds will be re Charging up to 400 miles in half an hour, there is an automatic command center in the driving unit, all the things stray Of around it looks great, but I know I’m not a truck driver, even sitting in one of those that was the main story of the event, and then looked like ending the dim lights and then returned there and there was music and became this kind of one more
Tesla pushed one more thing out of one of the trailers attached to the Tesla truck. They pulled out the Tesla Roadster 2.0, the new car we all knew. We did not know that Tesla did not have a lot of reputation when the original Roadster, In essence the Lotus body but with electricity from Tesla engines and batteries was a kind of strange hybrid Frankenstein car is not the most practical thing was not more comfortable, but the boy was so thin thing and what I heard of great fun in driving but does not double the way the S In it is not one of Their main cars that had problems not selling a lot were a hundred or a few thousand sold and that was there and then there were rumors that there was a roadster that could be Rodster there was some Elon tweets here and there there are some hints Tesla but we were not acting on any The event we see anything until last night so they wrap tha thing off the truck and it seems in my incredibly incredible opinion that it looks great it looks like tesla and lots of roads and lots of curves but it has hints from others of Porsche from Porsche hints a bit of it got some lines McLaren So it really is a truly aggressive sports car It seems obvious that he is about to talk to us about the new car and he then gives us the specifications and I am a special person I love the numbers but there is not a lot of specification sheets that can make me somewhat unable to speak mainly from someone who drives and owns P 100 D for a while From the time that the specification sheet contains a ridiculous specification sheet itself of the new road 0 to 60 mph in 1.9 seconds 1.9 seconds zero to 100 mph in 4.2 seconds will run out a quarter mile in eight eight eight or eight points nine seconds I saw both Of their website in their third show but it’s second-quarter sub-ts We will have a top speed of more than 250 mph, and this will come from a 200 kWh battery mounted on the floor, double the size of the P 100 D, and it has three engines for two rear wheels and the other front wheels and will do 620 miles from 621 miles At a certain cost, so the huge battery will make you not only perform amazing performance for the engines, but will be the longest car really will be the first electric car running over a thousand miles charge so that the spec sheet only list those things and just said if you look at the car and hear those numbers it’s like The car land is basically overpriced as it does not look u Legal sponsor that it makes no sense when you look at every other car that ever produced it nuts I know we got up in numbers around as you know it’s just a direct debit race like the event those other cars will catch those billions of dollars super dollars Which we are always fooling compared to the two that will catch up with this one is the d oes do not look like they will catch it almost as fast as they can pick up this car as basically P 200 T in a way like if Apollo P 100 D performance 100 kWh battery double motors then this joystick It is a lighter body battery of 200 kWh and a speed m Triple T 200 T Till we get to this point if my jaw is just kind of ground where I was watching this obviously there are a lot of comparisons of course we just love comparing tesla numbers to these In fact, the fancy cars looked full of dollars, lots of these Cars in the fastest-growing cars list from zero to 60 ever, such as 2.5 seconds maybe two points four of which 2.7 so four Tesla Roadster to come and happen 1.9 is disgusting, there are actually some videos of the event there have been some tests out riding I will

New 2020 Tesla Roadster Rear Hd Photos

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