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Tuesday, September 18th, 2018 - volkswagen
2020 Volkswagen Golf R2016 Vs Review Dcc And Navigation

The 2019 golf rumors are the 2017 Golf are currently mk7 out along with the GTI but these old news there are already things that have been revealed for the Golf mk8 and the GTI Golf and the surface of the German auto magazine called Bild cars have started as they are going to go with Lighter and stronger Fastest stronger than of course Like any other car coming up What does it mean lighter lighter We talk about 35 to 70 kg only to anyone else There’s a one kilogram metric is about 2.2 lbs, so from 77 to 154 lbs lighter maybe faster than Talk about 350 horsepower for the Golf R and 250 horsepower for the GTI that you recognize The numbers I’m sure you know because of focus ST If you follow your channel you know that I have the 2016 Focus ST and I am constantly on the last thing with other automatic bags there so the Focus ST is 252 horsepower on the new GT should be 250 for Focus RS has 350 Horsepower and the new Golf R I will hit that now I think we need to thank Ford for adjusting the high bar I mean to have ST focus which is now forgotten about the power output but when I first came out there was 250 horsepower I was thankful very much for putting the bar too high and making everyone catch up Because you know that they make them offer their technologies which is good for all of us I do not say you know Reply to God but only you know that they are Subarus will chase the golf RS or VW Now we will chase the RS until the output power and GTI you rent as well so we thank you to know the only thing mentioned in the interior of this car is the preparation of the two screens if you are familiar with how to use Mercedes Benz Look at the internal nowdays so the dashboard will be digital where the speedometer and tachometer are then moving to the center console which will also have a huge digital display that can be up to 12 or 13 inches which is now huge powered on the PU rtra. There are rumors of a hybrid power generation system So perhaps using a 48 volt electric system probably not B more torp torp torque more in the earlier cycle of rpms which would be a really great thing DSG and manual will still be options Thankfully guide guide is still moving in this car but they seem to be what I heard VW guys love to send DSG I I have not paid the DSG I’ve paid the PDK whatever DSG is the excellent transmission is also 4.6 seconds 0-60 compared with the manual which is right about five seconds, obviously it depends on the driver’s skill for it but but it’s good it gives you the manual option Something else is just something Random is that the Akrapovic exhaust that comes at the moment is an option for golf ri I do not think this was offered in America correct me if I was But i’m sure that the exhaust sounds and looks quite beautiful it just uh know the back of the golf r really oh your favorite part with the quartet VW exhaust exhaust simple looks just very clean the diffuser nice 19 inch wheels look nice they have a very stroller and they go beyond that Interesting you gotta love in europe they look like the Focus ST has the kind of golf cart r and the type of cart i just think this is awesome awesome i like what it offers there i wish we had these options but the americans just do not know them as in the cars where people are there for that It is kind of a shame but this is fine so that all I have now is this x He goes out at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2019 when they must make the first appearance of a car with a specific productivity so they should come up with a concept before that, but until then, you just have to wait until you are satisfied with what we personally think the hot part of VW Is a pioneer in internal quality I would probably like to say that the overall quality of VW is driving their Ford meeting. “Outperforming the Subaru Although the super does not have a slot, it still has the STI that is put in the mix because of the energy prices you know you can throw from the Honda R where Honda has a great interior design but it’s not only that it does not have the flexibility German I know when I actually sat in a GTI car when I sat in Golf R there finally it was incredible that you felt you were sitting in a very nice leather luxury car the seats were not over reinforced, it was the perfect sports seat I got, so I had to get out my hat To VW because they are offering a wonderful package and I am excited to see what they will offer Again. ST so I try to be unbiased as much as possible and I think they are doing a fair job of it, but less than something else I’m interested in what car you drive if you have one car if

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