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Monday, September 24th, 2018 - Vw
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I want to hear some news because I know I like hidden gateways and whenever I read anything or watched anything I like to share with anyone else get their ideas until we talk about 2020 or the next strip of golf mk 8 so far in the Gulf offers what fits 2019 is a 40 color option There is nothing visually changing except the colors you will get these crazy options 40 different color options do they are so nice charge to get those but at least give some pop to the car While you know the biggest complaint with the current golf r she has to dispose her as For a beautiful and luxurious force at home,

but a hot hole is completely relaxed and though you will find out its place you can get up to forty thousand dollars on it I want to have a little more like focusing on the Civic Type C-R is definitely mad at looking To the more polar you will get it is more like everyone will say yes it is a nice car, so it is much less polarized, more so, please know someone who just wants to run it under the radar. I personally think it’s a hot hole that must have some crazy taste so this is where the 292 horsepower stands 280 pounds of torque I’m sure I got this right four-cylinder I mean it’s a quick car in the DSG which is gorgeous and gorgeous.

My new job is to do a lot of driving so I was thinking about getting into the 2017 golf course because I love the wheels in 2017 more than the rest of the players but I was thinking of getting them with the Dubai team of excellence just because I still have a hot hole, Enjoyed good fuel efficiency and then will not be a manual transmission because driving manual transmission in traffic is not fun now in the Golf R in 2020 where I hope VW is able to move it The car that flips just under the radar does not have any The design is radical but a good engine and drives well now according to some hesitation Some of the things confirmed by Let’s see who confirmed yes brand marketing head that he will probably with 400 hp but will have a moderate hybrid power generation also heard about the new STI but in fact these 48 volt hybrid engines will use batteries To ease the torque curve at the base and also to help the mileage to gallon in the city until the duck power ray you know you do not necessarily think that the future is EVs what I think the future is as far as getting the combustion engines to be more efficient like having such a help hybrid like the NSX has like Bo The 918 has a lot of other cars that have a hill that are just the ones that are mounted in front of popular people and I’m thinking but this is really exciting for a performance car in this part of the sub-contracted cars where they are compact cars and I do not know whether this is a secondary or a touch but With 400 or even the power will come with high torque High horsepower will be effective and this is what Golf R is now in addition to the marketing head also said that the design will be more dramatic and aggressive, so we still have four tubes we will have more carbon fiber exposed and We’ll have bigger airbags all together,
I think It is possible to look like a a car somewhere like focus on RS RS because it already RS ne xt focus to the big spoiler that comes out of the back, the appearance of the car is not like the beautiful Civic pub which likes to say that the appearance of the polarizer.

A perfect balance between inactivity such as Golf R and the crazy like the Civic Type R, so I’m very excited to see what VW is producing with the next Golf R that I would return to again in the Ford leadership. Higher or at least in the United States

With a 350 horsepower engine and walnut if the VW engine comes out with 400 horsepower considering that this is the maximum BMW BMW M2 present in this Audi RS3 is in something else interesting DS3 current depends on the R golf platform so it probably knows it will not fall 5- Dinner and I do not know what they will do that still seems from 2 liters but it would be interesting to watch and learn about it if they came out with a 400 horsepower hybrid to help with something golf r I’m going to look at the DSG or manual has not yet made it clear that they will issue a question DSG This is the manual because Aldi is another company that has finished it and from the manual transfer process T has been just announced and o You get 40 copies of ALI s4 ali-a four special versions with the s-line package on them and will come in the manual transmission as a final transmission point so that tota is killed to the left of the manual transmission in our eaves with very few options in the states I know that Honda has a Ford Ford I may not think that Mercedes is trying any thinking I’m sure I’m definitely missing I have a Chevy Abia has a manual transmission Dodge there and there I know they are there but they fade slowly and this is because the money does not exist like what I said in clips Previous video If you want to tell the companies that work that you want the manual transmission Buy new cars completely using manual transport operations have a practical reason to continue production,

but will stop their production but yes these are the following news on the Gulf and is also an interesting point raised in the other night I was watching some of the review of the 2018 Golf R, which contains a complete electronic LED screen so it does not there is nothing in the cockpit analog command after that, all are all aspects of digital even wonder you know that your computer is watching your computer after years of burning problems there are all kinds of things that can challenge fixed Wm show me the same thing over and over again, such as speedometer Fuel s Godly face all those things so I will survive time and the cost of replacement even if it fails it will be interesting to see more cars entering the inside there is a nice outside ES3 there really I like S3 S3 is a fast luxury problem only with this very small back seat,

so if you looking for the four doors that you can use already, I do not know this answer, but it is a fun car, yes that’s all the guest very clean (E) the new speed that I use to help reduce the dust is 75%, which is something you will use more in the summer season, so he is now Outside the 100-degree phoenix,

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