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Tuesday, September 18th, 2018 - Vw
Automakers Debut New Models At The Los Angeles Auto Show

Next year there will be a 217 kW GTI TGI Golf, and by 2020 we’ll be looking at the new 8 golf mark that will bring with it the all-new GTI and the I’s. M Tom Baker This is the car hire and today we get the first preview of some of the fundamental fundamental changes to the Volkswagen GTI Golf in the Australian market since the fact that the seven-point Golf GTI was launched less than a year ago here in our already some major modifications to the 2019 model Of the new emission test system in Europe that forced us to make a number of decisions on Volkswagen Fortunately all these things are very good for customers. The car is that it gets greater torque power and a limited slippage differential on the front axle. Volkswagen says only to make the car better but naturally is in some ways targeting competitors such as the Hyundai i30 n there, rice is raised to 45 494 GTI but this is just over a thousand dollars more than the outgoing DSG version and as we will see in just one minute there is little value Added to the car in a sad movement of a six-speed manual is dead and will not be revived for Australia in the brand 7 GTI Golf will ever occupy less than 10% of the sales for the GTI here in Australia and Volkswagen Australia insists it is not worth it for them at the same time Golf Guide R is now filled with the GTI 2019 model, where there are some if you are a carrier, that is The new blue metallic paint in the Atlantic Ocean. The band looks good, and I think the red touches on the GTI have come out superbly against this beautiful blue paint and I was able to provide a new package for the GTI called the sound and vision package and what it does is to switch the current 18 inch wheels to these truly 19- They are released in p0 frames now. We have seen these wheels before on golf golf GTI or the old 40 year old golf club and have been available in Europe for some time they are really fantastic however, the updated profile of the GTI is still as with the 7.5 mark any complaint there is on Although I think this is a very big hole but in the back you will notice that the GTI badge has changed to red indicating version 2019 version, and there is also this new black bar that works above the exhaust aircraft is something of European GTI performance that has now been applied On the GTI because the GTI Golf of Volkswagen in Australia is now just this performance benchmark for you Only one standard model will be available only one car GTI

Until the new GTI TCR is launched in the second half of 2019, the key to change in the Golf GTI in 2019 is the upgrade to standard gasoline with a 4-cylinder turbocharger, which comes from 169 kW to 180 kW. Is 350 Nm of torque to 370 nm Now if you seek to chase a car for a while, I hope you will share that you will know that the output of the forty-year-old Golf GTI that came out at the end of 2016 is really a beautiful engine even though it is no longer associated with The six-speed DSG that I think works well in forty years, Volkswagen now has a 7-speed gearbox and we’ll see how this group works when we get this thing on the road in two months from now. Normally under this engine down there is the alignment across Front axle, the GTI is now filling a suitable bracket for the front wheels. Making the GTI Golf better in competition with the new Hyundai I30 and the Peugeot 308 GTI. The good news is that although Volkswagen had to change a number of specifications for the life of the Tritan GTI, it did not update seats for leather by default, It is great because the canvas seats that come standard in the GTI car are very good, adjustable by hand, but they are very strong re, so your thighs are placed in a beautiful and charming place in the corners here near your trunk. There is now one option available to truly change the interior cabin Is the luxury package that is still on the seats made from a Canvas tarpaulin for leather upholstery in Vienna and things panoramic, as well as if you add the sound and vision package that gives you great-looking external wheels. Upgrade To add an in-car audio system, some standard features have been set up in the GTI 29, and other analog metrics for this car combine a set of digital tools that you can modify, or very few things will change radically around the Golf GTI since 2013, so It’s up to you if you think this cabin will eat well or do not let me know in comments to print the elephant in the room for the new GTI Golf i30 n Now there were a lot of differences when I said I think the outgoing 169 GTO GTI is still more dynamic than the property Big for me, this car must Just supply the iceberg a bit more but we will repeat this comparison between Golf GTI and i30 n When we are able to pay the new VW specification within two months from now, let me know in the comments whether you think that VW has done enough for the GTI You need to hit 200 kW of power in this update for example or do you calculate 180 Ellowat in a fairly light car I’m enough there’s nothing else in sight for the GTI, well, we’ve only got a full year so we start to see some The main changes are halfway

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